Step 2: Body

What you will do is make the actual stone. All you do is start hot glueing the jewls together, remember the stone is suppose to be oddly shaped
<p>Looks perfect, specially with the black paint it's much more natural.</p><p>I really like these cheap gems. Made earring with them actually:-)</p>
<p>so easy! i cant wait to do mine (maybe with a led inside :D)</p><p>thanks for the instructable and congratulations!</p>
<p>U can use those coloured stones in gardening stores</p>
<p>Giant tanzanite, anyone?</p>
<p>I'm making this, not as a magic stone but as a giant gem meant for stealing from a museum. I couldn't find any gems of all one color at A. C. Moore's, so I went to Wal-Mart and got some Aqua-Gems meant for aquariums (same thing, acrylic stones) and got four packs of multicolored ones so I'd have enough of one color.</p><p>On the bright side, I've got four other colors I can use for film purposes...x3</p>
I have been searching for odd shaped jewels at Michaels and local craft stores can not find help I will try mine with a mini light with a secret space to turn it on and off with a pin
You might try to find the stones at a Dollar Tree. They usually get items like this<br>
amazing. the stone wasn't as irregular in the movie though<br><br>also, where did u get the gems 4 this?
I went to michaels
every michaels i went 2 doesn't have them :/ <br><br>what's another place that might have them???
have you tried hobby lobby?
never even heard of that place. is it an online store or like store chain??
store chain
I cannot believe no one has commented on this! This is so GREAT!!! I've been looking at red stones online for a long time and luckily I have never found the right one to be my &quot;Sorcerer's Stone&quot; This looks perfect! Can't wait to make one instead of buying one! I think you just saved me A LOT of $$$$
ur welcome!
I thought it was the philosophers stone.
yea but more people respond more to sorcerers stone because it was the name of the book and movie
Only in the U.S. It was originally, and still is in European countries, The Philosophers Stone. Because Philosopher there is Sorcerer here.
I have the book and its called the philosophers stone.
Where do you get the gems? I went to Joanns and they weren't there! Please reply as soon as possible! P.S. SOOO AWESOME!
I one hundred percent agree with luvs2skt this is awesome!!!

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