Picture of How to make the Sorcerer's Stone
The Sorcerer's Stone is a very important object in the first movie of Harry Potter. Thats why I have tried to accomplish making this magical object. Since I have succeeded in making the Sorcerer's Stone, I feel that you should also have your very own. I have also put mine on a necklace, you do not have do to this step.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

You will need: 
                           A pack of Ruby coloured jewls, that are oddly shaped
                           Hot Glue Gun
                           Black Paint
                           Paper Towls

Step 2: Body

Picture of Body
What you will do is make the actual stone. All you do is start hot glueing the jewls together, remember the stone is suppose to be oddly shaped

Step 3: Finishing Touch

Picture of Finishing Touch
The last part is simple, put black paint here and there around the stone. Then you get a wet paper towl and rub the stone, but be careful not to rub the paint fully off. The stone is suppose to look beat up because it has been around for a long time

Step 4: Necklace

Picture of Necklace

To put your Sorcerer's Stone on a necklace you must find a chain or an old, athletic, stretchy headband. Then you hot glue the necklace to stone, make sure you also go over the necklace so the necklace has no way out.

Step 5: The End

Picture of The End
Have Fun with your "new" Sorcerer's Stone!