I love to make Pie.  I love Star Trek.  I love Instructables.  There was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to combine these things and more in a culmination of awesomness so extreme it would span an entire week and three workshops before it was complete.

Step 1: Building the Pie Stand

     I had an idea, it even made sense.  I already owned the awesome Pi dish and knew that would have to be used.  To build the stand I would need something that could support the dish filled with pie and provide a framework for the rest of the ship.  I decided to brush up on my welding skills and utilize the great shop at my place of employment.  I knew I would need scrap metal and had that in abundance, the missing piece was the dish frame.  I'll start calling it the saucer support section or SSS.

    I did not want to make a wire frame for the SSS so I went to my local Industrial scrap yard.  This treasure trove of scrap is a little slice of heaven on earth.  I searched around and for $9 ended up with several items that I thought would work and a beat up 10 speed with a vintage child seat on it.  Random score.

     These are a few pieces that I purchased that were used.  On the right is a bent up flower pot support frame, on the left........I don't know but I'll make it work.
<p>Now someone needs to create a related computer called the Raspberry EnterPi's... :P</p>
I need to make one, my family would love this on Christmas.! Great job! <br>
Thanks for all the great comments. I have to share a facebook comment that came in.<br><br>&quot;Now the only question that remains is who was the best captain, Jon-Luc PIEcard, or James TiBerry-us Kirk?&quot;<br><br>Kill me now.
This looks awesome! And great pun! Thank you very much for sharing, and good luck on the contest. And congrats on making your first Instructable!
Hilarious! Love the pun.
Great looking model, and the pie looks delicious too.
It reminds me of the <em>USS Applepie</em> from an old (relative&nbsp;to me) &nbsp;Veggie Tales. Nice job on the build too!&nbsp;
you just made my day.
Beautiful. With little adjustments, I could do the NX-01 :) Thank you!
OK, that's just awesome.
Oh, two Instructables in one, and both seriously cool!

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