Step 5: Paint!

Picture of Paint!
photo (9).JPG
     So now I had a frame that looked like the enterprise and held a pie dish.  The Enterprise is white and so I knew the top should be white.  I chose black for the bottom so it would not stand out.  All the metal was sand blasted before welding so before paint all I had to do was grind down the welds.  The better you are the less grinding you do.  I do a lot of grinding.  Before I added paint I wiped the whole thing down with alcohol to remove any oil.  I gave it a quick coat of primer, then the white, then the black.  I gave each coat time to dry but was not too concerned with the transition areas as they would be covered by the body of the ship.

     Yes XTina, that is your BM bike back there.

     I have to add here that when I started on the body, see next step, I realized the engine supports were at too much of an angle.  I had to bring it back to work and use the vice to bend the engine supports more virtical down low and then flared about 4 inches up.  A little touch up paint and it was good as new.