Step 6: Building the Body

     I chose to make the body and necelles of the ship out of foam insullation  because thats what I had around.  I picked up three sheets of 2 inch thick high density foam at the scrap yard last year planning to make a furry costume.  See you use this stuff to make the base for the head, stacking it and glueing to get the size you need and then you carve.  You then cover with the fur...............I digress, that would be a whole other instructable that I may never write.  Back on track, I had the foam and was not afraid to use it.  I made more measurements and sketched the basic shape on the foam.  I then carved as much as I could using a serated bread knife and a pumpkin carver tool.  After I had the basic shape I used 220 grit sand paper to fine tune the shape.  I had never sanded foam before and may never do so again.  While it works great and you can get amazing detail, it will kill you.  Sanding creates fine particles of foam that are filled with nasty stuff that just wants to see you dead.  Wear a resperator, a dust mask won't cut it.  I was planning on having more detail but gave it up when I realized it would take days off my life to create them.  I am willing to suffer for my craft but that only goes so far.

     So after the body, nacelles, and various bits were made I used cement to glue them together.  This project was just filled with toxic, my next instructable should be for body cleansing enemas made from organic ingredients, antioxidants, and crushed fairy wings just to make up for it.

     To fit the pieces of foam to the metal frame I had to slice and carve them.  This could have been done better but I was winging it and figured I could just add more glue and foam to fill any holes.  To secure the pieces to the frame while the glue set I used my daughters hair ties.  Most of them were these little rubber bands that always break and come in a bazillion pack.  Where they contacted the glue they kept breaking so I kept adding more until the nacelles looked like tortured sausages that were celebrating diversity.
<p>Now someone needs to create a related computer called the Raspberry EnterPi's... :P</p>
I need to make one, my family would love this on Christmas.! Great job! <br>
Thanks for all the great comments. I have to share a facebook comment that came in.<br><br>&quot;Now the only question that remains is who was the best captain, Jon-Luc PIEcard, or James TiBerry-us Kirk?&quot;<br><br>Kill me now.
This looks awesome! And great pun! Thank you very much for sharing, and good luck on the contest. And congrats on making your first Instructable!
Hilarious! Love the pun.
Great looking model, and the pie looks delicious too.
It reminds me of the <em>USS Applepie</em> from an old (relative&nbsp;to me) &nbsp;Veggie Tales. Nice job on the build too!&nbsp;
you just made my day.
Beautiful. With little adjustments, I could do the NX-01 :) Thank you!
OK, that's just awesome.
Oh, two Instructables in one, and both seriously cool!

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