Picture of How to make the best Beer Pong Table on campus

Are you tired of playing beer pong on lame fold up tables?  Or maybe tired of taking your friends door off the hinges every time you want to play?  Ever wonder how they build all the cool beer pong tables online with automatic ball washers and custom lights.

Well look no further.

Today, on behalf of Outsmarting Technologies, I have the pleasure of showing all who are interested the art of building the ideal beer pong table.  Constructed in about seven days, from idea to drawings to finished product, The Formidable Beer Pong Table, as I have named it, encompasses a wide variety of features not normally found in standard beer pong table constructions.  However, what good would these features be if they were not supported by a rock solid frame and construction, capable of with standing the dreaded "beer pong slamdunk" last seen in the great inter-fraternity match of 1974.

Some of the many features include
- Dual Automatic Ball Washers
- Gutter Collection system on side to collect run off from table
- Illuminated Lettering and under table illumination
- Six lockable casters making table easily moved by one person
- Fully supported frame capable of withstanding impact of a 215 lbs individual
- Surface oak stained with beautiful waterproofing sealant covered with polyurethane

The best part is, I have showed and documented how to build all of these awesome features.  Many websites show cool looking beer pong tables without providing any insight or solid documentation of how to build.  I tried to include as many photos and instructions as I could so anyone can build this table, or any variant.  Feel free to add or not include any features; I have tried to include as many features as possible in mine to show the possibilities
I have organized each step of this Instructable into 5 sections to try and make it as clear and easy to follow as possible:
1) Step Aim: where I discuss what we will accomplish/create in this step.
2) Tools: which tools will be required to perform this step.
3) Materials: what materials from the part list will you need in this step.
4) Directions: step by step directions for this particular component's construction.
5) Tips: where I make note of any problems I ran into and ways to avoid them during your building process.

      Of course, there will be countless photos, diagrams, drawing, and links to supplement each step and avoid any confusion (you may need to view full size to see all the dimensions and notes properly).

Again my name is Christian Reed (junior at MIT this year in Mechanical Engineering) and feel free to  look at my company, personal, or blog websites.  Of course, feel free to message me or otherwise contact me with any questions or problems you have and I would be happy to help.

gbarnes11 year ago

Would you happen to have a full BOM, including quantities?

where did u get the rings and rubber piece that the pong ball goes threw
klawson62 years ago
What was your approximate cost for this?
Hzlbrwn2 years ago
Amazing Had to share your vid with a few ppl. Awesome Job!!
poofrabbit2 years ago
This looks wicked! Well done!
ilpug2 years ago
I... wow. I don't even beer pong, but that's so epic.