How to make the best grilled cheese.

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Hungry? Dont want the hassle of ordering pizza and waiting while you stomach groans as if telling you to eat your keyboard? Well, help is HERE!!! Make a satisfying grilled cheese and tell hunger to leave. Serve with some iced tea and this makes a great lunch. Your kids will love it too!

bread. i reccomend whole wheat.
cheese. any kind will do.
serrated knife.
grilled chese maker/ panini press/ mini george foreman grill.

optional items-
iced tea
dried herbs
olive oil.
small bowl.
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Step 1: Wash tomato.

Picture of Wash tomato.
run tomato under water and rub. stop when satisfied.

Step 2: Cut

Picture of cut
cut the tomato into slices, and take the seeds out if you want.

Step 3: Season it!

Picture of season it!
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take the dried herbs, im using oregano and basil, the salt, and the olive oil. put some of the olive oil, basil(dried herbs) and a little bit of salt.

the picture is the finishe tomato product. now set them aside.

Step 4: Watch Your Fingers.

Picture of Watch Your Fingers.
grilled cheese cheese cut.jpg
cut the cheese into rectangles.

Step 5: Take the crusts off

take those darned crusts off.

Step 6: Place the cheese...

Picture of place the cheese...
put the cheese on the bread. arrange it so it covers one piece.

Step 7: Add tomatoes...

Picture of add tomatoes...
add those seasoned tomatoes.

Step 8: Put some more cheese

Picture of put some more cheese
grilled cheese tomato.jpg
cut one more peice of cheese and break it into smaller bits. place those bits on top of the tomatoes. cut another piece if nessecary.

Step 9: Place anything else you want.

put chicken, or whatever.

Step 10: Plug it in... plug it in...

Picture of plug it in... plug it in...
plug the grilled cheese maker/ george foreman grill/ panini press/ waffle maker in.(yes, ive done this with a waffle maker)

Step 11: Put next slice and...

Picture of put next slice and...
put the next slice of bread on. and put the sandwich onto the heat source.

Step 12: Let it melt and warm up...finished!

Picture of let it melt and warm up...finished!
let it grill...mmm...smells so good. After afew minutes, take it out with a spatula and pour that iced tea. finished!!!! :D eat, or store it for later and heat it up in the microwave. but rust me, the are best fresh.

tip:let the tomatoes sit for a few hours, maybe overnight. but in the fridge.

yay! my first instuctable is finished. sorry for the bad photos, i took pictures with my moms phone. please give comments and constructive criticism. i want to know what i did wrong. rate it if it was a good snack!