I made this last year in 6th grade. I got the idea from my friends and then modified it. I had one of the best guns.

1. the materials
2. dissasembling the pencil
3. inserting the spring
4. reassembling the gun
5. bullets
6. shooting (I really think that it is self explained)

Step 1: Materials

1. at least 1 paper mate .7 size mechanical pencil
2. a pen with a good spring
3. bic .9 size erasers usually comes with lead refills
4.a pencil grip (optional)
I followed all your instructions but it does not work.<br>
in what way
r u in 7th grade??????
Now I'm in 8th grade
will the spring fly out with the eraser
no the spring is glued or taped to the shaft part.

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