Are you bored? Well do something useful and learn how to create letters out of PVC. This instructable will teach how to create two letters, Q and H. I am using .5" pac pipe but you can use any size you want. Be sure to get the correct size pipe and fitting.

Step 1: Parts LIst

For the letter "H" you will need:           
-4 tee joints
-2 90dg. elbow joints
-4: 5.5" pvc pipes
-1: 5" pvc pipe
-2: 1" pvc pipes

For the letter "Q" you will need:
-8 45dg. elbow joints
-1 tee joint
-7: 6" pvc pipes
-2: 2.25" pvc pipes
-1: 2.5" pipes

Step 2: The "H"

first start by connecting the 5" pipe into the middle of the 2 tee joints

Step 3: The "H" PT.II

Next add the four 5.5" pipes into the remaining openings of the tee joints

Step 4: The "H' PT.III

Next add the two elbow joints to one side of the H

Step 5: The "H" PT.IV

Lastly add the two 1" pipes into the 90dg. elbow and attach the middle of the tee joints to them.

Step 6: The "Q" PT. I

Begin by connecting the two 2.25" pipes into the sides of the tee joint.

Step 7: The "Q" PT. II

Next connect two 45dg elbows to the end of the pipe.

Step 8: The "Q" PT. III

Begin adding 6" pieces of pipe to the 45dg elbows and cap them with 45dg elbows. Repeat this until you connect the letter.

Step 9: The "Q" PT. IV

Lastly add the 2.5" pipe into the remaining opening of the tee joint.

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