How to Make the Most Beastly Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Introduction: How to Make the Most Beastly Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This grilled cheese is one that will make your local supermarket love you.

Step 1: Get Ingredients

For one grilled cheese sandwich, you will need two slices of bread, two slices of cheese, butter, and your choice of spices

Step 2: Preparing It

You will first need to butter each slice of bread. After that, put the cheese in between the two slices of bread so that the buttered side is facing outward.

Step 3: Grilling It

Then, put the sandwich on the stove until it is halfway done(when the cheese starts to melt). Next, carefully flip the sandwich and keep it on the stove until it is done cooking.

Step 4: Topping

Put the grilled cheese sandwich on a plate and add spices such as pepper, garlic powder and seasoned salt



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    Sorry bud, I made these after school when I was 11. Try some grated cheddar on the outside also or mix the cheese up a bit. I just hope you didn't use processed cheese..

    1 reply

    no, I didn't use processed cheese, it is just frozen

    Very good, but I prefer not using American 'cheese product' slices.
    I find a nice sharp cheddar works great with this :)

    1 reply

    this may look like American 'cheese product' slices, but it is not and it is just frozen