Introduction: How to Make the Perfect Chicken Coop for Three Chickens!

Picture of How to Make the Perfect Chicken Coop for Three Chickens!

If you are getting chickens your going to need a good chicken coop design. This coop my dad and I built. We made three nesting boxes for three chickens. It is built with a pull up ramp plus a run on the bottom.

Step 1: Main Structure Including Run, Top Level Door, Bottom Level Door, Egg Door and Ramp Opening

Picture of Main Structure Including Run, Top Level Door, Bottom Level Door, Egg Door and Ramp Opening

As in the picture, I have built the main structure out of ply wood and the rafters and beams can be made out of any inexpensive hard wood. Later on I stained the whole thing.

Step 2: Finishing the The Chicken Coop

Picture of Finishing the The Chicken Coop

To finish up the chicken coop, I installed the ramp made out of ply wood with scrap pieces for steps. Now to make the nesting boxes I used more ply wood to form boxes and cut notches out so it can fit, otherwise the beams would be in the way. Then you can can put in the roosting pole just make sure it is high enough for the chickens. Now the next two parts are optional, the door for the run on the bottom, and the door above the nesting boxes.(note: For the top of the chicken coop the (metal sheeting) make sure to put foam in between the metal groves so that water does not get underneath there and ruin the wood.)

Step 3: Extra Run

Picture of Extra Run

For the run I made with my dad I stained the wood for the posts and got some wood that had groves for fencing and stain those. Then cut the fencing panels and stain and install it and put in a gate. If you wanted to go fancy you could put on post caps. And now you are finished.

Step 4: Dimensions for Chicken Coop.

 Dimensions for chicken coop design are: Run 48x48x24, Run door 21x20x20, Top half side door 28x24, complete top half: Bottom front facing first part 30x24, opening door on top of wall with egg door 26 1/2x 48, open screened vent at top 19 1/2x48, backward facing wall 29x48, back side 9x48(to door), 37x48(all the way).  


rrcole (author)2010-08-18

Awesome backyard coop!.Throw some wheels on that bad boy and it's perfect for a smaller backyard. I am going to add that to my list of Urban Chicken Coop plans

steven123 (author)rrcole2010-08-19

Thanks and great idea!

Carpenter Guy (author)2016-05-17

How many nesting boxes do you have for it? If you have a big enough coop, you could have 4 chickens per nesting box! (They don't go in at the same time!)

steven123 (author)Carpenter Guy2016-05-17

I have four, however the chickens all like to use the same box and argue over it, sometimes I've even find two chickens trying to be in the same box, go figure.

sofiadragon1979 (author)2012-06-16

All I need now is a backyard to put this in lol. I'm currently in an apartment :-(

highjacd (author)2012-02-07

looks great! how much did you spend on the materials?

Bubbler (author)2010-07-25

This is an eggs sellent chicken house. The only thing missing is some measurements, can you add them into the Instructable please?

steven123 (author)Bubbler2010-07-25

Sure I will try to put them on there today.

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