Picture of How to make the perfect cup of tea.
These steps will show you how to make the perfect cup of tea, every time. 
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Step 1: Choose your brewing vessel

Picture of Choose your brewing vessel
Pick the vessel you would like to brew your tea in. Consider the number of people who will be drinking tea. If it is just you, a cup is fine, if it is for a group of people, use a pot with a strainer.

Step 2: Warm your teaware

Picture of Warm your teaware
Warm the cup or pot with hot water. Heating up the teaware helps resist cracking of glass or ceramic, and helps to keep the tea hotter longer.

Step 3: Disgard the hot water

Picture of disgard the hot water
Pour out the hot water used to warm the teaware. 

Step 4: Get your tea ready

Picture of Get your tea ready
Put your loose tea into the strainer, and place it into the cup. You should use about a tea spoon of tea per 8 oz of water.

Step 5: Get your water to your desired temperature

Picture of Get your water to your desired temperature
Get the water to the desired temperature. Different teas need different water temperature to produce the best flavor. Usually, lighter teas need cooler water. Water that is too hot can burn the leaves and this will make the tea bitter. Here are the temperatures, in degrees Fahrenheit, that I recommend for different kinds of teas.

White tea: 165
Green tea: 170-175
Oolong tea: 185
Black tea: 195
herbal tea: 212

Step 6: Wash your tea leaves

Picture of Wash your tea leaves
This step is optional, and is meant for higher quality, imported teas that have no added spices, fruit pieces, or flavorings. Pour the water over the leaves and let it sit for 30-40 seconds, then discard the water. This makes the leaves start to open up from how they were withered and shipped, and gets them ready to release the tannins and all their flavor.

tip: after washing the leaves and discarding the hot water, don’t cover the leaves completely. Covering the leaves can trap steam into the cup, and this steam can burn the leaves and make the tea bitter.