Picture of How to make the perfect omelet
Making an omelet can be a hard and scary task. This Instructable will hopefully help you accomplish this task. This is a technique I discovered a year ago will cooking. This may be a little extra work but it's worth it.
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Step 1: The supplies

Picture of The supplies
To make this omelet you are going to need:

Non-stick cooking spray
Eggs (I used two but you can use as many as your skillet will hold)
Zip-Loc bag
Small bowl

I used a skillet that was way to big for my omelet. (It was all I had at the moment and I didn't feel like looking for one)

Step 2: Heat and spray the skillet

Picture of Heat and spray the skillet
Spray the skillet with the Non-Stick cooking spray. Heat it on Med-High heat. Make sure it's not too hot or the outside will cook faster than the inside.

Step 3: Prepare eggs

Picture of Prepare eggs
Crack the eggs into the small bowl. (the bowl is necessary but it make pouring much easier). Pour the eggs into the Zip-Loc bag. Shake and smash the egg yolks until the yolks mix with the whites.

Step 4: Pour and cook the eggs

Picture of Pour and cook the eggs
Carefully pour the omelet into the skillet. this is done by opening one corner of the bag. 

Step 5: Cook and add toppings

Picture of Cook and add toppings
Cook the egg for about 1-1:30 mins on one side. Then add the toppings. make sure you don't add to many or the omelet won't cook properly. Wait about 30 seconds then fold the omelet in half covering the toppings. Flip the omelet. Cook for about 1 min then serve. add salt or butter on the top if desired.
poofrabbit2 years ago
I am now hungry!! :) Nice instructable!