How to make the world's best paper airplane glider

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Today I'm going to show you how to make a "World's Best Paper Airplane Glider" with a peice of 8X10 printer paper. The pictures will show you how to make the plane. Good Luck!
Guess what? This plane can...
-Glide in the air for long distances
-Fly in range from 30-100 Feet!
-Glide and Fly
-Do tricks if flown into a light breeze
REMEMBER, follow the directions carefully, make sure the wings are the same length and are straight, and make sure you fly the plane correctly. (If you want it to glide, fly it gently. If you want it to soar quickly fly it with force, BUT not too much force, otherwise the plane will fly off track, curve down, and hit the ground).


this is so stupid and does not work

HelenaL2 months ago

could you please make pictures that are easier to tell what they are please?

K'nex gun builder (author) 3 years ago
Well actually it is. It is a very simple plane to make. The link below will show you a video of how to make the plane.
K'nex gun builder (author) 3 years ago
(I suppose that was in response to my comment.) Currently, the picture up front shows just a sheet of paper. When this is viewed from the category page, people do not see what type of plane they would be making, and are less inclined to visit as a result.

If you place the picture of the airplane as the first in the series, they will be able to get an understanding of what they are making.
Perhaps a picture of the airplane up front, rather than the sheet of paper itself...?