Cheap PIC Programmer


Introduction: Cheap PIC Programmer

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This programmer works only with PIC16F84 but it's great because it never causes errors and works with almost all computers,unlike some other homemade programmers.

Step 1: Step One : Materials

For this programmer you won't need many materials.In fact , you will find all you need in your local electronics shop ;)

So here's what materials you will need:
-IC Board
-RS232(Serial) FEMALE connector
-BC547B or 2N3904 (I couldn't find the BC so i used 2N3904,it works great)
-5.1 V diode
-100 uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor
-18 PIN IC Socket
-10Kohm resistor
-15Kohm resistor

-Flashing red LED / 2.1 V Standard Red LED
-3.3Kohm Resistor]

-PIC16F84A Microcontroller

-Soldering Iron
-Scissors or any other cuting tool

-Hot glue gun]

Step 2: Step Two : the Scheme

This is the scheme you will use for your programmer.
As you can see , i tagged two connection in the scheme as "Optional point" one and two .
Those are the points where you will connect the "Optional" circuit i will show you in step 3

Step 3: Step Three : the Optional Circuit

The optional circuit consists of the LED and 3.3 Kohm resistor marked as optional in step one.
One pin of the resistor goes in the Optional point one , the other pin goes in the anode(+) of the LED.
The cathone(-) pin of the LED will go in Optional point two.
If you don't understand , use the ellipse marked area of the scheme below.

Step 4: Step Four : Let's Build It !

Ok , you've got all you need.Now it's time to build it.
First solder the RS232 female connector in a corner of your IC Board.If you don't know what are the connectors of the RS232 i uploaded an image.
After you soldered the RS232 , solder all elements according to the schematic,and then cut the board.
After you cut the board,secure all solderings with hot glue (optional).
You're done!

Step 5: Step Five : Programming?!

To program you can use Microcode Studio PICBASIC Pro.To find it search for PICBASIC on google.
After you programmed and you got a HEX code , plug the programmer in the PC , and start WinPic (get it here: ) . Go to interface tab and configure it for your programmer.Then load a HEX in the buffer go to device,config , configure your device (PIC16F84), and click "program device".

Step 6: Step Six : If You Have Problems...

There are some problems that can appear,here is how to solve them:
Error Message:Warning!Could not initialize programmer!
Solution:Configure the interface again or check the circuit for soldering errors.
Error Message:Programming FAILED!(but the programmer initialized succesfully)
Cause:Soldering error/Too low voltage
Solution:Check the circuit for soldering errors / change the port

Step 7: That's All

Here is where the instructable ends.I hope i helped you with the programmer.
By the way , here is how mine looks like:



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    ei broken swords im from philippines too,laguna naman...uhm could anyone please tell me what PIc means???i've been searching the net for any definitions but i can't get any.i want to know about controllers,programmers and ics but somehow i find it difficult specially if i dont even know the basics...hhahahaha so anyone to help and give anything that can help is greatly appreciated....thanks...

    5 replies

    No. That would be like a GAL or a SPLD

    hahahaha tnx everybody especially to cidXI hahahahaha i'll start looking for the components hehehehe

    WinPic, WinPic800, PICPgm, ICProg.

    I don't understand your schematic. You have GND going to Vdd (Vdd should be your positive voltage)? And then Vss is just your VDD run through a cap? The diode theoretically wouldn't even do anything since Vss should always be less than Vdd. Can you give me some insight into what's going on here?

    1 reply

    This isn't his schema. This is from some random guy named "JDM" from about '96 (I'm serious! He used to have a website, but now the site no longer exists.) btw you HAVE to supply external power to the programmer (more exactly the pic)

    If you used it on a LVP chip (like a dsPIC) then, you have just killed the chip! JDM programmers aren't meant for LVP. GET A PICKIT2!

    No it won't. Because it needs 12v from the PC to program the chip (Vpp requires 12v).

    No it won't. Because it needs 12v from the PC to program the chip (Vpp requires 12v)

    I want to program PIC12F629 with readymade .hex code. Which programmer should I use? I would like to know the best and cheapest programmer available. I bought PICKIT2 clone from India but I had very bad experience with it. I couldn't program with it.
    Can you please suggest me good programmer?

    1 reply

    Me too have pic12F629 to program pic......I have PICpgm programmer software but still I didn't tried...If you get solution please help me..If I get I will help.....