How to make these awesome water marbled nails!

Step 1: Water Marble Tutorial

Water Marble Tutorial
use elmers glue on fingers to avoid using nail polish remover ,let dry then dip
<p>Is there any way to water marble your own nails? Or do they have to be acrylic</p>
<p>Yeah. I have tried this when I was way younger and it is super simple. </p><p>Basically all you need is a cup, your choice of nail polish, warm water, and nail polish remover and follow the insrutctions here except when it says dip the acrylic nail, dip your own.</p>
off course ? you can do it with your natural nails ?
<p>I want to do it </p><p>thanks for helping </p>
<p>That looks so cool! I have to try it!</p>
I had failed this so many times. Thanks for the warm water tip.
Wow, thats brilliant,it's a shame my brain couldn't come up with idea's like that ( ive no imagination) ;) Thanks for sharing I cant wait to try now <br> Alix
wow,, i LOVE this idea
Very pretty.I love the green and orange at the end. I do it on my natural nails, so I paint my nail with a thin layer of nail polish (usually white) first, then I dip my fingernail in the cup. Then I clean my finger around the nail with a q-tip soaked with polish remover. Either way they turned out really nice :)
Hello Teddybear101,<br><br>Thanks :) <br>yeah our daughter also loved the green nails but she is to young so she have to wait ;) . How you did is works olso. I'm happy to hear that they turned out great! <br><br>greedings Bianca<br>
They turned out great. I did mine at Christmas time so they were red, green and white.
I Love How Youll Are So CReative I Wish I WAzx Dat Awesome I Use Kiss Glue On Nails !! Lolz
My cheeks are a little bit red <br>thanks :) for your sweet words <br><br>Greedings Bianca
Nice ! That sounds great ! I,m going to try that ! ;)<br><br> greedings <br>

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