Step 3: Acrylic Nails

Supplies: orange stick or toothpick, shot glass or cup (the smaller the circumference, the less polish you end up wasting), room temp. water, nail polish, pincet
use elmers glue on fingers to avoid using nail polish remover ,let dry then dip
<p>Is there any way to water marble your own nails? Or do they have to be acrylic</p>
<p>Yeah. I have tried this when I was way younger and it is super simple. </p><p>Basically all you need is a cup, your choice of nail polish, warm water, and nail polish remover and follow the insrutctions here except when it says dip the acrylic nail, dip your own.</p>
off course ? you can do it with your natural nails ?
<p>I want to do it </p><p>thanks for helping </p>
<p>That looks so cool! I have to try it!</p>
I had failed this so many times. Thanks for the warm water tip.
Wow, thats brilliant,it's a shame my brain couldn't come up with idea's like that ( ive no imagination) ;) Thanks for sharing I cant wait to try now <br> Alix
wow,, i LOVE this idea
Very pretty.I love the green and orange at the end. I do it on my natural nails, so I paint my nail with a thin layer of nail polish (usually white) first, then I dip my fingernail in the cup. Then I clean my finger around the nail with a q-tip soaked with polish remover. Either way they turned out really nice :)
Hello Teddybear101,<br><br>Thanks :) <br>yeah our daughter also loved the green nails but she is to young so she have to wait ;) . How you did is works olso. I'm happy to hear that they turned out great! <br><br>greedings Bianca<br>
They turned out great. I did mine at Christmas time so they were red, green and white.
I Love How Youll Are So CReative I Wish I WAzx Dat Awesome I Use Kiss Glue On Nails !! Lolz
My cheeks are a little bit red <br>thanks :) for your sweet words <br><br>Greedings Bianca
Nice ! That sounds great ! I,m going to try that ! ;)<br><br> greedings <br>

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