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Top trumps cards are very entertaining but having a set of your own choice may be difficult to find , or just plain boring . So, for you creative people out there here is a tutorial on how to make a top trump cards . Well , I hope you know the rules to play top trump cards or will make your own . They are available almost everwhere on the web .If you dont be sure to check them out.

Step 1: Choosing a Topic

There are thousands and millions of topics for top trump cards .

For eg.

  • Cars
  • robots
  • food (boring)
  • planes
  • favourite cartoons
  • super heroes etc.

In this tutorial I am making on the topic robots .(just for an example).

If you're lazy you can download the presentation on 'robots' which i made and follow the steps below (the images in the presentation are not mine , just the content is mine )

Step 2: Collecting the Content

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Search 40-50 images related to the topic you selected .

I chose some random pictures of robots which I liked .Thousands of pictures available of google images.

If you are know the charecters you can write there information in an excel sheet along with there photos , search there information from the internet or just randomly write down some information of your own choice (just I like did).

Step 3: Printing Them

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Take snapshots of the excel sheet after hiding the gridline and put them in a ppt. to scale them to the size of the visiting card.

Finally print these on sheets of paper

Step 4: Sticking the Cards

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Cut the the different charecters and stick them on the visiting cards with glue .

Make sure they look identical , so that no one can cheat while playing then you're all done .

Ps. -If you like that project please for for it the contest's.


ritaeli (author)2017-01-28

I like it and think that it can be very useful in the clasroom. It can be adapted to different subjects

Thank you for the power point and instructions.

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