Picture of How to make transparent YouTube pasters/stickers
You can make your own pasters with only a printer, a paper and some scotch tape.

Step 1: Materials and tools

  • paper ( plain )
  • scotch tape

  • Printer ( I use HP Laserjet 3055 )
  • paper knife
pzh7775 years ago
what do you soak it in? Water?
TheeJeh5 years ago
What are we supposed to use to stick them?
idogampd525 years ago
This is awesome!!!! I tried it and it actually worked!! I'm going to stick it on my laptop lol
juicyjay5 years ago
WTF? Why would you do this? Do you work for them? Why not make something original instead? What a waste.
other logo and pages of 27 and 48 logos
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lemonie6 years ago
If it works, it must be good. You really want to be sticking these in the top left hand corners of TV don't you? L
Another option is to buy clear label paper from an office supply store and cut them out.
Would it be possible to print right onto the tape? I know you can print onto tissue paper, by either gluing or taping it onto printer paper.
urill (author)  Houdinipeter6 years ago
laser printing may melts the tape. but i have never been tried.
hg341 urill6 years ago
it could rub off
urill (author) 6 years ago
It's my first instructable! I hope you can read my poor English.