Introduction: How to Make Twitch Chat Any Color

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How to make twitch chat any color

Step 1:

First go to this website and download the extension(This tutorial only works on chrome.)

Step 2:

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Click wrench in top right. Then go to tools. Then extensions. Find change colors. Click options. Make sure to change background to what you want and links to another color. All names will be the link color. I used white and black for both. Also make sure to change text color so you can see it.

Step 3:

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Now go to your twitch channel then click the cog. Hit popout. now in that window right click the top and click show as tab. Now on the right of the address bar the plugin will be there. Click it and hit apply to this page. Now you are done!


amandaghassaei (author)2012-10-12

do you have a screenshot with the changed color?

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