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This is an instructable on how to make a cool effect in pain.net
As you can see below

Step 1: The pieces to resistance (eh you get it oh shut up)

Picture of The pieces to resistance (eh you get it oh shut up)
What you will need:
a computer (not smashed to bits is reccomended)
A minute or two
ac1D5 years ago
the site is not real
I_am_jesuspeanut (author)  ac1D5 years ago
it was a joke if it wasn't funny thats your problem
The website is a lie.
HandyBob5 years ago
Paint.Net is quite limited for fractal drawing. Try using Apophysis.
I_am_jesuspeanut (author) 5 years ago
I thought it was MS paint because i updated it from MS paint
...but it is not MS Paint; you should edit your instructable to show what it actually is.

MS Paint cannot do this, with Paint.NET, it is a simple built in plugin.
I_am_jesuspeanut (author)  karossii5 years ago
still show MS PAINT
lemonie5 years ago
Your image says Paint.NET, which belongs to dotPDN LLC. It is not the same as MS Paint (Microsoft Corp).