This instructable shows you how to make up coaxial cables to your specific
lengths by using *clamp type* Type-N connectors at the ends of your
cables, which requires using only simple tools.  This procedure is specific
LMR400 or Belden 9913 ultra low-loss cable types, but these techniques
may be useful for other cable types for which clamp type connectors are

This ultra low-loss cable and connector combo (LMR400/Type-N) is widely
used in cell phone booster (repeater) systems, ham radio antennas, as
well as other transmitting/receiving application.  It is especially
recommended for cell booster systems in fringe reception areas with weak signal strength, where signal loss in the cable really matters.

In general, coaxial connectors may be installed on cables either by
crimping them on (using special crimping tools), or for some special
connector types, connectors are available that can be clamped on using
only simple tools.   The name clamp for this connector style may be
misleading.  In the plumbing or automotive trades, with this method of
attachment to the cable, it would probably be called a "compression

This instructable deals with the clamp type connectors only, but for an
informative video on how factory crimp Type N connectors are installed,
click on the link below:     


Step 1:


LMR400 (or Belden 9913) cable is available from several sources online,
and is available by-the-foot or in pre-made lengths with connectors
installed at the ends.  Wilson400 cable is Wilson's "house brand" of the
LMR400, and is sold on Amazon.com.

So, you have a choice of making up your own cables to exact lengths for
your system, or you can buy them pre-made.  Ready made cables would
have to be purchased longer than needed (with the excess tucked away)
in most cases, unless the system could be designed around available
lengths. I chose to buy one longer roll (with two of the
needed connectors
already installed) and I made my individual cables from that roll.

Here are some prices of pre-made cables
on Amazon.com as of Feb., 2012.

2-Foot cable           $  9.95
10-Foot   "               27.95
20-Foot   "               37.27
30-Foot   "               41.99
50-Foot   "               54.51
100-Foot "               90.24

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