Step 7: Finish the transfer

Picture of Finish the transfer
Once you've applied the photocopy image, burnish or rub it for about 30 seconds. I use the smooth plastic handle of my scissors. Use your fingers or anything that won't snag and tear the paper. This light pressure will help transfer the copy toner into the matte medium on the canvas surface.

Now let the paper dry. It does not have to be completely dry, but if you touch it and it still feels cool or moist, wait. When you think it's ready, slowly peel a corner of the paper away. Peek in to see if the copy toner is staying on the canvas as planned, or coming off with the paper. If it's coming off with the paper, it needs to dry some more. If you used a lot of medium, it will take a little longer to dry.

Once you peel off the paper, you should see the toner behind a thin layer of remaining paper. Rub the remaining paper off with your fingertips. It will come off in little balls. If you have trouble with this, you can lightly dampen it with water and rub with a soft rag (or fingers).
yfunz1 year ago

wow... it's amazing..

LaBeasy4 years ago
could you suggest any other methods for putting some sort of image on to the canvas? cause i cant do it like this...
trucdart (author)  LaBeasy4 years ago
I'm not sure why you can't try it this way, but unfortunately I haven't tried any other methods. I think someone else cut the paper around the edges of your image very closely, then just paint that paper directly on to the canvas with matte medium. Kind of "glue" it on. Good luck!
Thank you so much! :)
Could you PLEASE give me BETTER instructions on that part and more detail? Its really making me mad since i screwed up again and i have no idea where im messing up. I have provided a pic for the second mess up. Im not messing with it untill i know what to do since its reall freacking sad. Im sorry for seeming rude but its just not working and i dont want to give up but its agrivating. [IMG]http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk6/greenday_freack/Picture0080.jpg[/IMG
trucdart (author)  Phsycoduckie5 years ago
Hey man! I took a look at your picture, and I'm sorry for your frustration. First, I have only tested this with acrylic matte medium, so if you are using milk or glue or something else, I can't be 100% sure it will work. Second, I can see that the toner is smearing. I am using a laser printer with regular copy paper from Staples. Maybe you are using inkjet and it doesn't work the same. I would recommend making sure you have several thin layers of medium over the book pages first which are fully dry. This way you can be sure that the book page pieces are encased in clear paint and won't pull up when you rub off the transfer. Brush on a thin layer, let it dry for a good 20 minutes or more, repeat. Next, make sure you use a thin layer of medium on your photocopy and on the part of the canvas you'll be applying it. You really don't need a lot. Last, it looks like your ink is smearing and this can only be because of wrong ink type for the method, or too much wetness. If the smearing is happening in the end, when you are applying water to the remaining paper to help it rub off, use less water. You might want to even wet your fingertip, dab most of the water off, then try rubbing the paper. You don't need much moisture at all to get it going. If the smearing is happening before you rub off the final paper, you could be doing too much rubbing on the back of it combined with too much wetness. Again, make sure you're using thin layers of medium, then just rub the back of the paper for like 15 seconds or so. Let dry and try again. I'm sorry to say I haven't tried inkjet printing with this, and I've never had that same problem you're having, so I hope these details will help you get it worked out. You can always paint over your canvas (gesso is what they use to prime them in the beginning) and start over if all else fails.