In today's video I will show you a great idea how to make vampire fangs with your own hands for celebration of Halloween!

Video & Photo INSTRUCTABLES!!!

Step 1: To Make Vampire Fangs With Your Hands at Home for Halloween You Can Only With 4 Plastic Forks and a Lighter!

Step 2: To Masquerade As a Vampire Has Become Much Easier at Home, Because Now Don't Need to Search in Stores Purchase Fangs!

Step 3: To Make Vampire Fangs With Your Own Hands for Halloween Is Very Easy and Simple!

Step 4: Happy Halloween!

<p>how would you get them to stay in</p>
Don't they hurt your gums though?
wow, never would of thought them plastic forks could be so manipulateble with a lighter! great instructable!
<p>This is one of the cheapest way to make fangs </p>
<p>Great DIY fangs</p>

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