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A Stereogram is an image that can be perceived with depth perception via one of several viewing techniques. This is the basis of 3D imaging and is in essence assisting one eye to see one image and the other to see a slightly different image. The above gif is a wiggle Stereogram which can simulate the effect but is done with a different technique see here.

Naked-eye Stereogram viewing can be a lot of fun and is made much easier to learn with this viewing assistant. After a bit of practice you might be able to view the 3D image without the viewer at all by using the same cross-eyed to uncross-eyed technique explained in this tutorial.

This is a very easy 2 part tutorial to create a stereogram
Part 1 Take images for stereogram.
Part 2 Make Stereogram Viewer.

For Part 1 you will need:
1. app for iPhone: Pic Stitch

For Part 2 you will need:
1. corrugated cardboard
2. pencil
3. craft knife or X acto knife

Estimated time required: 5-15 mins.

Step 1: Part 1. Taking the Images

Picture of Part 1. Taking the Images
Choose a space or subject to photograph. For best results the space or object should have some layers of depth to it, some examples of subjects that work well are long corridors & hall ways, city streets, and living rooms. Ideally the subject should not closer to the camera than 3 feet and should be not moving. For examples of some stereograms visit here.

Using the camera on your iPhone take a photo then quickly but carefully move the camera 6 inches to the right and take a second photo.
HatchetHacker9 months ago

If you want to draw 3D stereograms, you can check out my app, Depth Sketch.

Loxotron252 years ago
To see a stereo effect of additional devices it isn't required

3D Stereo
Bluenotes612 years ago
Thanks! This is great fun!
Another cool 3D app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/si3d-stereogram-creator/id553173690?mt=8
Plarky (author) 2 years ago
Thanks to hack-a-day for featuring this tutorial: http://hackaday.com/
Yobonoc2 years ago
Thank you for putting this up, it's insane.
Plarky (author)  Yobonoc2 years ago
Ace Frahm2 years ago
Never mind the cardboard, the 2-image animated GIF looks cool!
Plarky (author)  Ace Frahm2 years ago
http://www.npr.org/blogs/pictureshow/2010/08/03/128951375/wiggle is a good sorce of info on how to create the stereo wiggle if your interested in that.
bananaguy152 years ago
So cool! Thanks a bunch, ive been looking for a stereogram tutorial and i finally found one.
schogini2 years ago
Thanks. My3D is a device where you can fix your iOS device which splits the image for each eye like thus, it has many interactive apps too.
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Neat concept, and a simple project to make the view more believable. For me, picture 4 in the final step sums up my ability to see 3D (or any 'hidden') images.

Thanks for sharing!
Mike, I can't believe it. You are losing the best of the life!

Viewing stereograms marks a BEFORE and AFTER in your fate (well, maybe I exaggerate a little, I am so)