Introduction: How to Hook Up Voltage Divider

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Hi all.In this simple tutorial i will show you how to set up votage divider whith 2 resistors.I use 2 100Ohm resistor so i should get voltage divided in half.So lets get started.

Step 1: Add Resistors

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We need to add resistors in series to get voltage drop on each,that is purpose of voltage divider.

Step 2: Mesure Voltage

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So the voltage drop on all resistors is 12.88V.Now we are going to mesure voltage drop accros single resistor.You see the voltage drop on first resistor is 6.46V.Now we are going to mesure voltage drop on second resistor.And it is also 6.46V because we used same resistors.

Step 3: Drawbacks

The down side of voltage divider is the heat wasted in resistors.Also,the maximum current on divided voltages is very low,you can add resistor whith less resistance but the heat will probably kill them.

This is my video of smoking resistor


josephchrzempiec (author)2017-12-15

Hello i have a small problem sense I'm not good with voltage Dividers. I'm trying to use a arduino to monitor batteries up to 70v and as low as 2v but output it at 3.3v what type of resistors would i need?


Ivica_Matic made it! (author)josephchrzempiec2018-01-10

Or even better...

Uff,it would be very hard to find resistors for that purpose.Consider voltage mesuring sensors for Arduino that are dirt cheap on eBay,like

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