Picture of How to make washer toss game
This game is really fun to play, and its easy and cheap to make. It requires few materials, 2x4, plywood, pvc, washers, screws and glue.

Go to the next step for necessary pieces and tools. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
We need the following:

4 - 16 inch  2x4
4 - 13 inch 2x4
8 - 1/2 inch washers, or any size washers that suit you
2 - 3 inch PVC couplings
2 16 inch squares of plywood. I used 3/8 inch. Use what you want.
wood screws (for the base, I used 6 X 3/4 and for the frame itself I used 2 X 8)
maybe wood putty
sand paper
paint (if you want)

I will say, that I have found my construction grade lumber to be disappointing. There were cracks that were hard to drill through or put a screw through, hence the wood putty being needed to hold the wood together. At one point, I just used my shorted wood screws I am using to attach the base, to keep the wood together. I also had a spot where the split resulted in the wood missing a chunk, so I had to rebuild it with wood putty. In addition, when I did that, I had a little bit left over, so i filled in all the screw holes. It is really simple to make too! You just need a drill, with drill bits and screw driver heads. And maybe a saw to cut the wood if you want, but I used a rotary tool to cut my plywood. The choice is yours 
todddiskin1 year ago
Thanks for the 'ible. I made this one for my dad who is a season ticket holder for Oregon State football. First trial run set for tomorrow. Cheers!