I made this instructable to show whats possible with a couple of tools and a bit of creativity. After looking for something to showcase some of the wife's collectibles.I decided just to make her something. I find it to be more enjoyable to make certain things rather than just buying something, this is one of those things. 
Inspired by Vincent Leman designs, Straightline designs, Disney and Dr. Suess.


Step 1:

The piece was finished with paint.

No instruction. I do not like it.
Nice, love it
Are you guys serious!?<br>She didn't even tell us how to do it!!I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!!
I agree! If you post something on instructables you show the steps
<p>Look up curved furniture in Instructables... I found a bed side table that was similar...</p>
<p>Look up curved furniture in Instructables... I found a bed side table that was similar...</p>
<p>I agree! :P</p>
So where is the intractable?!
<p>Look up curved furniture in Instructables... I found a bed side table that was similar...</p>
Also what paint colors did u use? Thnx
How did u make the furniture? Or did u buy those shapes and just paint them?
I don't suppose anyone saved a copy if so please send me a message.
<p>unfortunate you took this down. I don't think it would necessarily impact business. Your average person isn't going to run out and start making furniture over buying it. </p>
<p>To those who have asked about the instructional that was originally posted. It was edited out of respect to those who make similar pieces for a living. Wether it would have impacted their business is still in question. Unfortunately I did not save a copy of the original instructional (I would have liked a copy myself it was something to be proud of). Thanks again for all the positive comments and my apologies.</p><p>Gamerorg</p>
Just recently found ur site/ instructable. I love it do u have the link to show more on how you did this?
I am redoing my basment so that it is cooler. i think that this would look great down there exept that I honestly have no idea how you made these. how one would make these or what you should use to make these. any help would be very apperiated. thank you. <br>
Didn't there used to be a LOT more instructions in this instructable? I was hoping to revisit this, but now it seems there is only the finished work. It was a fantastic instructable.
Great work Jerry - i've just started producing some MDF based kiddie furniture and was searching for some whimsical unusual ideas and these are really cool. Also the link a couple of folks posted to straightlinedesigns is great. <br>Thanks for posting this instructable and starting me thinking.
I love this!
I love this! Would love to see more projects such as a kid's bed or a playhouse. Have you done any of these?
Gamerorg, <br> Very cool! I emailed you (or message, not sure you got it.) I wanted to try to make something like this for a special little girl who has had multiple brain surgeries. I have a CNC machine and wanted to convert some drawings to CAD to be able to cut them on the CNC macine. <br>I wondered if you had any specific drawings you could share? I had questions about the beside table and how you made the drawer construction, if the sides were 90 degrees or followed the curve of the sides? <br>Not only is this cool, it is super cool!! thanks
I've been meaning to respond it's been kind of crazy with Chistmas just around the corner. Unfortunately I don't have anything like that all my pieces are hand crafted start to finish. I'm sorry to hear about the girl's health I hope It's progressing.
Congratulations to the design! Even though space-wise it's very impractical, the design's awesome! :)<br><br>One question though: since only the front and the back are from a solid material (MDF), aren't there problems with the strength of the furniture itself? I mean the bender board seems to be fairly weak to be used for support :P
I'm glad you too like the design I like to think it puts the functional in disfunctional. Space isn't really an issue for me although I can see how it could be for some people. It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea. Besides the instructable was made to show how to design and make your own to your specs if you will. The furniture itself is very stout, the combination of staples and glue help maintain its integrity.
Thanks for the info. I really like the design, its &quot;whimsicality&quot; and all, but since I have a small room, I couldn't afford to put something like this into it (even though I could fill the void with spare electronic parts :).
Here's a shot with the shelves in place the top shelf is held only by gravity no fasteners. The bottom is stapled on the right side only left side rest's on the curve of the piece
JERRY How did you prevent th mdf from splitting when you stapled into the edge? The design concept is great! thanks salvbor.
I find that happens mainly when stapling thin pieces or close to the edge's. I didn't have that problem on any of the pieces I've made. I try to shoot the staples at a slight angle don't know if that helps minimize splitting.
Amazing vision. It looks like if you swapped the two larger cabinets around they might just fit into the curves of the smaller table! If not, That is the only mod I could see doing to this project. (And that is just a matter of preference.)
Love it! It looks like dancing furniture to me.
I really like the fact that you did this with basically hand power tools. Because I don't have any big shot tools (table saw, radial arm saw, etc) I've always stuck with refinishing furniture &amp; avoided building things from scratch. <br>very very cool. <br>thanks for posting.
Oooohhh....ahhhhh<br><br>I love it, and have no construction skills, but would buy it in a heartbeat! And all my kids are grown!
I showed the instructable website to this guy recently. I've read the site for a while, and one thing I've noticed is how people have stepped up their game. And it's happened in multiple genres.<br> <br> People point to the computer/arduino stuff, but to me this is an example of something better. Simplicity married to craftwork. It is beautiful, and I commend the author.<br> <br> To those about to rock, we salute you!<br>
I will be do it! incredible instructable I love it! Thank you for sharing!!
I like this...a lot. Straight out of Dr. Suess! I didn't realize how diverse routers are with keeping things flush, rabbets, etc.
Maybe you need some curvy clothes to hang in the cases, or curvy books. <br> <br>You could get a curvy vase to put on top of the right case with the tilted top, you could make the bottom of the vase tilted to the same angle as the flat top. <br>Such a custom ceramic would probably have to be made by hand from scratch, so you could even color match it to the set, say the same blue as the center table.
Oh Wow!&nbsp; I get kind of dizzy (ier) looking at them ... they are just beautiful!&nbsp; I love them.&nbsp; Very nice work you've done!&nbsp;<br>
simply and shortly this is amazing, and hope i'll be able to make something like this soon :)<br>thank you for sharing
I sell children's furniture in my boutiques and I feel these pieces are amazing and have commercial potential! When you get the shelves worked out you could consider selling manufacturing rights to furniture producers or manufacture yourself and get to a furniture show!<br><br>Kudos to you for having both artistic and technical ability! I am SO looking forward to your next instructable!
You are very right that there is commercial potential in this sort of furniture - A company based in Vancouver BC has been making this type of furniture for years. I think it is named Straight-line Designs or some such. I'm sure there are others doing similar work elsewhere.<br>Kudos to Gamerorg for showing &quot;the rest of us&quot; how we can make our own.
This is one of the best instructables I have seen. Great job !<br><br>
If you do a google search on &quot;whimsical furniture&quot; you will find quite a few pieces done in a similar cartoon style.<br><br>Adding the shelves after you've assembled the cabinet will probably increase the difficulty of adding the shelves, but it is a nice project. Congratulations!
Nice work! <br> <br>Reminds me of a shop in Vancouver, British Columbia that does lots of this type of work. <br> <br>http://www.straightlinedesigns.com/sobey.html
This is absolutely lovely... though i don't yet really understand how you did the bended sides... is that some sort of thin wood that bends easily?
Bender board has the grain running along the shortest length, because of this it is string in the lengthwise direction, but along the short length it is wiggly and very bendable. The author made the front and back with a ledge to support the bender board... so it has a firm place to rest. When it is glued into that ledge, it will keep the shape well, and the grain running now front-to-back makes the sides very strong because of the ledge.<br><br>Think of the old roll top desk... the roll top could flex in one direction... but because of the tracks it rode in, it was very stiff and strong when closed.<br><br>Hope that helps.<br>Jerry
that helped me a lot now! Thanks for the information!
This is neat work, is the drawer in the smaller piece is functional? If so, I'd like to see a few pictures of its construction.

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