A simple and easy way to make drink.
I haven't included any measurements because it all depends on the amount of grape juice used and mixture variants is what gives wines a distinct flavour. A bit of common sense is needed when measuring ingredients. You can't go far wrong with this!

Step 1: Gather materials

Get some grape juice and mix with 2 parts water for a moderately strong wine. The higher concentration of grape juice to water there is the stronger the wine; I would advice putting at least a little water in for taste. Mix with enough sugar to the mixture turns cloudy, and half a packet of yeast (Or more depending of volume of grape juice and water mix). Give it a light stir to mix ingredients well. Place in a container with a lid, preferably plastic so expansion can occur. Put a hole in the lid to allow Co2 from fermentation to escape. If the hole is too big you get vinegar, too small and the wine spoils.
Did you steal this I saw this on a blogspot about a year ago I can't seem to find it though, It had the EXACT same pictures
In all honesty it wasn't my idea, I did "steal" the pictures but that's becuase mine looked sorta cheap cuz I done it in a Castrol GTX bottle and I thought those looked better. But I did do it for myself and I did add my own advice were I could, and the idea wasn't on instructables so I thought "why not?"
You don't have a camera then? Could you point to the parts where you added your own advice, because this is almost identical. L
"I would advice putting at least a little water in for taste" "A garage or cupboard under the stairs would suffice" ...and of course the cider theory. I don't take credit for this instructable, I just posted it , ok? I did take pictures but they looked kinda cheap and those ones looked better
Real wines are made from pure grape juice, I don't see a taste benefit from adding water. However, to add a real-life example to this: the loft above your parent's garage. I have bought 4 litres of apple juice, I'll let you know... L
Look man, I've been drinking wine from I was 13(just Buckfast Tonic Wine but lets not get into that.) I know what makes a good wine.
Mmm, yes I've tasted Buckfast. Would you agree that <em>whatever</em> makes that stuff, it's not good? OK you didn't want to get into that.<br/><br/>I too know what makes good wine, but I don't know where to get any tannin, while mine might be good, they are not quite right...<br/>(Tea didn't work)<br/><br/>L<br/>
As to your desire for tannins, &quot;Tannins are found in the skin, stems, and seeds of wine grapes but can also be introduced to the wine through the use of oak barrels and chips or with the addition of tannin powder.&quot; -Wikipedia, Phenolic compounds in wine. Actually crushing the grapes for your wine will allow you to ad some. If you leave the grape mash with your juice while you ferment it will allow more of the tannins to be released -same wiki article. I don't know what kind of juice you use, but most juice you buy is made from concentrate, which could effect the development of tannins (not an expert. At this point I am speculating), and are sweetened in some manner.
<br> Yes I know these things, but it was tannin powder I didn't have (or oak chips).<br> <br> You're advice is welcome, but do check the dates on things - that one is getting towards being 4 years old now.<br> <br> L<br>
Don't dare insult Buckfast. It is the sweat of our Lord Jesus Christ.
You sound like a Glaswegian :) everyone I've met from Glasgow swears by the stuff.<br /> <br /> Buckie has caffeine in it, which makes for an interesting result when consumed in large quantities by Scotsmen :)<br />
One, drinking for a long time mean nothing about knowing what is or is not good. It only means you are very familiar with what you drink regularly. Unless you have used that time to drink a large variety of wines and making numerous comparisons within short periods of time of drinking the two wines you wish to compare, I would not say that is a very good claim to expertise.<br><br>Secondly, Buckfast doesn't add just any old sugar.<br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckfast_Tonic_Wine<br>They add sodium glycerophosphate to keep the wine from separating as easily. The vanillin also makes it taste sweeter, being a flavor enhancer.
<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plagiarizing">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plagiarizing</a><br>
Um dude with all due respect, WHY would you use a motor oil its for your car it HAS to be toxic, unless you were trying to hide it in your garage disguised as motor oil but still just a bad idea
It was well washed out.<br/>Anyway I'm Irish, I could drink motor oil anyway. =]<br/>
You mean this one?<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://how2dostuff.blogspot.com/2005/11/how-to-make-wine-out-of-grape-juice.html">http://how2dostuff.blogspot.com/2005/11/how-to-make-wine-out-of-grape-juice.html</a><br/><br/>(Copying stuff verbatim makes it easy to find. I just Googled these words: Store the wine in a cool dark place for 3 to 7 days grape juice packet of yeast container = top of the list)<br/><br/>L<br/>
yeah I kept going to howtodostuff instead of 2 thanks
you could go quite wrong, if you make the wrong type of alcohol you can go blind.... forever
Nope. Not with this method. No methanol in/from Grape-juice.
so if i make like 7 batches, drink one a day and refill one a day, i can stay drunk FOREVER!!
omg that is an amazing idea im so doing that XD -DJ
How much of this stuff have you drank?&nbsp; It doesn't look to appetizing.. Will that one bottle intoxicate you?
I wanted to know if I could use any kind of juice I wanted or does it have to be grape? Thanks.
Four&nbsp;questions please: 1- When you say grape juice, do you mean bottled grape juice? 2- When you say 2 parts water, do you mean 2 liters of water for every one liter of juice? 3- How much sugar is needed for 10 liters of grape juice and 4- How many teaspoons of yeast are needed to make one liter of wine after the 2 parts water and sugar?&nbsp;Appreciate your reply
What if no sugar is added? Grape juice is already sweet.
the sugar is converted to alchol by the yeast it's not for sweetness
heh im not doing this with a Barrel under my desk
would this work in a five gallon bucket? if so, how big should the hole in the lid be? how much yeast would i need? can i use grape juice from the grocery store? how much sugar should i use? oh ya, and how long should i let it ferment? sorry about all the questions :-] hahah
The kind of yeast used is Wine yeast. It can typically be found in wine and spirits store. If you can't get your hands on wine yeast, bakers yeast will do, However bakers yeast tends to make the wine a bit murky. The taste is the same regardless, so if the murkiness bothers you, turn off the lights and enjoy ;)
As a baker, I can tell you that a united states packet of yeast holds 2 and 1/4 tsp of yeast. So, 1 and 1/8 teaspoons would be one half a packet. I am assuming it's bakers yeast you are referring to. This applies to fast and regular yeast packages. I am interested in trying this. I bought my hubby a beer kit for Christmas and he's yet to look at it. I don't drink beer, but I could maybe use the nifty container (a dark brown plastic beer keg shape). I'm 44, am I tooo old for this? lol
for the yeast, do you mean the kind of yeast that you bake with??? and how much wine did you make that you used half a pack?
in an around a liter. Ya have to drain it off anyway so it dhttp://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-wine-from-grape-juice./?commentflag=1205752365465#<br/>post commentoesn't really matter<br/>
For the tannin, when you guys say pine needles would work, do you just mean to dump the needles in the same container as the wine while it's fermenting?
i dunno if pine needles will work... personally I wouldn't waste the potential wine attempting to try it
how much yeast should i use if im makeing wine in a poland spring bottle?
I dunno how big a poland spring bottle is.... Reminding you I'm not American or Canadian like most people on this
Its a good idea for every liter of water you add, of pure cartooned stuff to add 250mls water, so 25% water to grape juice. it works quite well. bear in mind though that if you buy the juice refrigerated and add yeast whilst it is cold then (i don't know i haven't tried) I imagine that it would fail to work as yeast is a living organism and only works when warm so remember to bring the juice to about room temp first. also you don't need that much yeast at all really. the proccess is the same. also its a good idea once you filter if off the first time to repeat 3 times (and I do it over a 5 day period that works best) good luck all. oh don't worry about the quantity of yeast to much your gonna drain it off anyway. l8rs
If you don't want to worry about your wine turning into vinegar, or spoiling before the fermentation process is complete, make an air-lock out of .25" rubber tube and attach it to the top of your fermentation vessel (make sure you have an air-tight seal)
When i made my wine i made my own air lock using sterilized fish tank tubing and a cup of water so that the yeast can escape but no air can get back inside the fermenter.
And when you have a low-pressure front or cold front go by, the bacteria-laden water goes back into your wine. I thought of it but it's just better to buy an airlock for $8us ($1 for product, $7 for shipping). Or at least fill the cup with vodka, then the bacteria would die when they land on it.
ingenious, but I discovered it was handier to just buy it =]<br/>
I did this with 4 litres of grape juice. The OG was 1070, but I bumped it up a bit with some sugar. This turned out pretty good, but lacked tannin. I also found it cleared pretty quickly for wine too. Although I took photos I never posted the Instructable. You're right about the cider, maybe I'll have a go myself... L
What would happen if you added some barley to the juice? would it be tannic enought then, or too much? Would it ruin the product?
Barley doesn't contain tannin. It's the face-screwing flavour you get from chewing grapeskins, or tea-leaves. You need this for balance, otherwise it just tasted fruity. Still nice though, but not proper wine-flavour. L
Really? Because everything that I've read about barley mentions it's tannin content. Hmmmm.
Well maybe it does, I'll see what I can find out. Also pine-needles, heather and some other things. L
Lots of winemakers add a handful of raisins to get the tannin they need. You can also buy little bags of grape tannin from homebrew shops.
Yes, but I've not found grape-tannin (yet). The raisins are generally added for nutrient content though. L

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