This is an instructable about making wooden baseboard heater covers.  We bought an old home and when I refinished the floors in my bedroom the metal ones were all rusted and broken.  Unfortunately I didn't document that process but I recently replaced a rusted metal cover in the bathroom basically using the same process and design.

Step 1: Tools and materials

I don't know much about woodworking but I'm slowly learning from small projects and reading what others have done.
what you see here is the second cover I've done.  the top is not as nice as the bedroom because the wood was smaller in area and I didn't want to weaken it. For some reason my kids love to stand on the covers in the bedroom and I wasn't going to risk making a pretty but weak cover for the bathroom.

I bought 8" X 1/2" X 10' pine boards at Lowes or Home Depot and used these for the project.

Tools I used are:

A table saw for ripping and cutting the larger boards to size.
A drill, I used a drill press and a hand drill.
I also used a roofing square and combination square to draw my lines and mark my wood for cutting.
Jig saw to cut the vents in the top and sides of the covers.
Tape measure
Hammer and nails
Stain, sand paper and polyurethane to finish the piece.

I love it! Any idea if I would be able to paint it? I want it white
<p>I'm pretty sure all wood can be painted...</p>
<p>use alkyd paint.</p>
These were made for hot water heat. The so I can only speak to that kind of system.
<p>Do you have the hot water baseboard heating? Would it work with that?</p>
<p>Would these be safe to use with fuel oil heaters. </p>
I wouldn't trust them with electric baseboard heaters.
<p>Are these safe for electric radiant heat? </p>
These look very nice. I have those same ugly, beat-up metal radiators in my house, and I never even thought about a solution like this! Quite cool.

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