Introduction: How to Make Wooden Pendant.

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First you need piece of hardwood. I used leftovers from work.

Size depends how big and what shape someone wants to make.


1. wood burner

2. copy saw

3. sandpaper

4. needle files

Power tools:

1. Sanding bench (optional)

2. drill bench or power drill with 1-3mm drill bit.

And varnish or oil. I used tung oil. Tung oil dries hard.

Oil makes dark wood darker and light wood yellow,

Step 1: Draw Shape

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Draw shape and letter etc. on wood.

Step 2: Burn Wood and Drill Hole.

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Burn letter on wood or not. If you want.

Beacuse pendants are small, pressing lines with wood burner is recommended.

I tried to drag wood burner tip. It didn't work out very well. Looked ugly.

Secure wood with clamp and drill the hole with 3mm drill bit too desired shape corner.

Step 3: Cut the Shape.

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Use copy saw to cut wood in shape.

Step 4: Sand the Shape(optional)

Picture of Sand the Shape(optional)

Sand the shape more rounded with sanding bench.

Step 5: File the Shape.

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Use needle files to get eventually desired shape.

Step 6: Fine Sanding.

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Sand with 150 grain sand paper along the wood grain to get it more pretty.

Also round or soften edges. I recommend rounding the edges. Its more safer and can't cut in skin .

Finally sand all the wood with 240 grain. Also along the wood grain.

Step 7: Varnish.

Picture of Varnish.

Finally varnish. How? Depends what varnish is used.

I used tung oil, I put oil on pice of clean cloth. Rubbed on wood and wiped the leftover off.

I let it dry over night and then I put tung oil again.


tAbel_19 (author)2015-02-14

Is there a way to tie the pendant without drilling a hole?

DeathSuperMario (author)tAbel_192015-02-15

You can glue the string on the pendant. I don't think that this will look pretty.

Here is an interesting way to make the pendant without drilling a hole. It is call Macrame stone wrapping. Check out this website (also where the picture is from).

Corinbw (author)tAbel_192015-03-22

I crimped a piece of wire into a tiny hole I drilled, and I used that like a jump ring and put the cord through it. You could look at the instructable I made a while ago for a better look at how i did it

Corinbw (author)2015-03-22

by the way I really like the wood burning. That gives me some more ideas

jvan tassel (author)2014-11-23

my ex boyfriend used to make them out of coconut shell by hand. we put rhinestones on them too

jpedro8 (author)2014-11-23

A bit obvious, but still a great instructable. Tnx.

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