Picture of How to make wrap pants

These pants are great for any shape and at any length.

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
I am using a king size sheet and any pant pattern

           Sewing machine

            Thread and bobbin


            Marking chalk

            Iron & ironing board

            Tape measure

            Long straight edge


            Two D-rings

            2” strip of sew of Velcro


            Hip and waist measurement

            Desired pant length


Step 2: Iron fabric

Picture of Iron fabric

Fabric should be pre-washed to avoid any shrinking.
With most cottons, use the steam setting to get out all wrinkles.

Step 3: Lie out fabric

Picture of Lie out fabric

Lie out fabric two layers, right sides together:  
You want to use the finished edges of the sheet to your advantage.  
I use the bottom of the sheet for the hem, and the side of the sheet for the back because back will be on top with a finished edge.

If you use the top of the sheet for the hem the pattern might be upside down and the hem would be 3 or 4 inches wide.

Step 4: Mark hip width

Picture of Mark hip width
Take hip measurement; mark this for the width of the fabric.
When using common fabric you can only get 45" wide. 
I would finish all sides of the fabric first if you are not using a finished sheet.

Step 5: Mark center

Picture of Mark center
Mark center of fabric.
If you prefer, on your second pair of pants you can move the center over towards the front.  This will give you more of a wrap around the back.  Or move it towards the back for more wrap around the front.

Step 6: Place pattern

Picture of Place pattern

Place pattern with back hip on the left side towards the finished edge of the fabric and crotch at center mark. 
Place front pant leg so that the front crotch touches the back crotch. 
Make sure bottom of pant legs are flush with bottom hem of fabric.

If you are making knee length pants mark a perpendicular line to the grain line on the pattern where you want the length to be. 

Step 7: Mark top of pattern

Mark a straight line perpendicular from the right edge of fabric touching the high point of pattern piece
  (this point may vary depending on pattern used).

Step 8: Mark crotch curve

Picture of Mark crotch curve
Trace crotch up to perpendicular line.
dhawktx2 years ago
We used these for belly dancing too! If you make them of a lighter weight material and a bit too long, you can tie them at the ankles to make them a bit poufy.

Also, if you reverse the overlap they don't 'flap in the breeze' when you walk, but it's also more secure if you use ties on both sides. It is easy to reach in at the front to untie them for those bathroom visits, then just bring them back under the front overlap and tie again at the front waist. Make sure your overlaps are straight and you're done!
Just working on 'wrapping' my head around this one...
I actually have a pattern from Birch Street patterns that came without the ties in the pattern.
Apparently, it's possible to tie both front and back?
Just trying to remember how this works for the bathroom...
Long ago, again in the '70's, I had some kind of wrap around skirt/dress thing.
Lots of ideas here, and
phoebeh13 years ago
how much did you add to the back pattern? I can see it's wider than the front one
created-by-jen (author)  phoebeh13 years ago
Half of your waist plus enough over lap in the front, 6 inches, three on each side
excellent ..thanks
blloyd43 years ago
I work at a renaissance festival called Scarfborough Faire in Waxahachie, Texas. These pants are just like the ones that the Rennies make & sell at the Faire! They also tie in the front. When I was in High School, I used to have the same pattern & they tied in the back. Big thing back then having a bow tied in the back. But I much prefer them the way that you have made them! Thanks for the instructions! I will be making myself & my neighbor a pair!!!!!
sawyer10223 years ago
I tie mine in the front or back depending on my mood. thats one of the nice things about these pants.... anyway, who decides whats right or wrong....
csprinkle3 years ago
I buy pants like that a lot here in Mazatlan, and the ones I buy, tie in the FRONT.
I say make them the way you prefer I like them tying in the front because it's easier to use the bathroom among other things!
branwren3 years ago
These are a take off of an actual pattern from Simplicity (?) I made way back in the 70's. The issue is they are backwards. The back comes around first to the front and fastens, then the front is pulled up thru the legs, wrapped around and fastened in the back.
branwren3 years ago
Ya got it backwards girlfriend.
sawyer10224 years ago
I LOVE these pants! they hold up well to bold patterns and I get requests for them every time my friends see me rocking a new pair!
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