This is my First Instructable so please feel free to give tips and suggestions.So In this Instructable , I'll show you how to Lessen the possibilities of you being spotted easily because of  your Shiny Binocular , Scope , Sight , etc. Lens.

Step 1: What You'll Need

1.Your Binocular , Scope , Sight , etc. with shiny Lens
2.Some Net

Step 2: Cut the Net

Cut the net in Circles for twice as big as your Lens

Step 3: Remove the Lens Cap

Now Luckily the caps on my lens are made of Rubber so easily removed it.

Step 4: Insert the Net Inside the Cap

This is a great idea but you should use a darker lens instead of a net.
makes a person wonder why you r trying to hide the reflection off your lenses...not like the critters really care if they see a glint of light off in the distance.....hmmmmmm
im hiding them from enemy airsofters mate,
ahhhhhhhhh...gotcha ;)
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nice work!
Hey Thanks. =)
I thought it might be an ok Idea. But doesnt it also make the binoculars less visible to look threw?<br>
No mate. i get that question from my friends all the time ,but when i let them look inside the the binoculars they get amazed, they said and i quote &quot;It's like theres nothing in there&quot;.thanks for commenting =)
How does this affect clarity of what your are viewing?
Let's say what you're viewing is 100% clear without them nets,if you put nets ,clarity goes down by maybe 3% when its dark.but when its shiny outside you won't even notice the nets.here are images from inside the scope both of them have nets

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