Introduction: How to Make Your Hexbug Nano FASTER!

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All my friends that have Hexbug Nanos complain about how slow they are. Because, truth be told, they are REALLY slow. Well, here's how, in one step, you can make your Hexbug Nano go way faster than before!

Step 1: Make It Faster!

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First of all
 You need to turn your HN upside-down and unscrew the battery top.

You need to get underneath the part that's square.

After That
Turn a screwdriver clockwise to tighten it.

Reassemble everything

Now your HN goes up to 4 times faster! Wasn't that easy?


Pandamexic (author)2016-10-23


qwertyuiopp (author)2016-08-05

Could you please make this instructable more clear? what is the square?

JamesM21 (author)2015-02-14

Excuse me, but could please give a picture, locate, or dive a description of this so called "part that's square"? I really do not understand these instructions. Please be more descriptive and precise, and read your comments more often, if you ever, which you would have to if you read this. Please respond quickly, as this is a major problem with you Instructable. (author)2013-10-21

pls get back to me asap (author)2013-10-20

wheres the square? (author)2013-10-06

will it damage it?

AdventureGamingForge (author)2013-06-11

Yeah really be more precise

teltanahy (author)2012-06-21

what square thing!!!!! plz get back to me asap

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