How to Make Your LongShot Shoot All Nerf Darts.





Introduction: How to Make Your LongShot Shoot All Nerf Darts.

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Hello this instructable will teach you one of the coolest things you can do to your Nerf LongShot. When I was a kid back in 2006 when the longshot was released I thought that it was impossible to make a LongShot to shot DartTags or SonicMicros. It can still shoot Streamlines.

Things you need.
1. A Hacksaw.
2. A Dremal.
3. A lot of time.

We have work to do.

Step 1: Unscrew Your Gun.

This is pretty easy.

Step 2: Take Your Bolt.

The bolt is the longest part in this gun.

Step 3: Hacksawing the Bolt.

First take your hacksaw and start cutting where the bolt is held by the boltsled.

Step 4: Now Time for the Dremal.

You need to dremal the bolt inside the dart chamber so that it will fit DartTags.

Step 5: Now More Dremaling.

Then you need to dremal where the dart tooth is but dont harm the dart tooth.

Step 6: Your Done.

Good job if you did it right it should fire all darts.



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    how well does this really work? can i put the other darts in the clip too? or do they have to be hand fed into the bolt? this would be really cool if it works well

    4 replies

    yes it works..and the clip will jam sometimes

    sometimes is better than all the time. this would be great during a nerf war. its like a gun that shoots .223 and .306 at the same time

    Yes it is, but you might have to tweak it some.. I had to. I still wished i had this gun it was my baby lol

    It's a good lookin gun

    thats not the bolt, it's the plunger, the bolt is the bar that goes through

    1 reply

    imeant bolt sled sorry idont even do nerf anymore


    wish i had them they look rly comfy

    can you fit any dart in a clip?


    Sand down the ridges on the dart tooth as well.

    2 replies

    no take out the dart tooth


    While you have it out, you might as well sand the two ridges on it, because the tip of suckers, whistlers,ect, will make the dart longer.

    Yeah it does my intergrated longshot now shoots every thing but it isn't flawless.