How to make your PSP "Better" or how to have more fun on a Sony PSP

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Things you can do to make your PSP an amazing gaming beast thing. I will go through the complete obvious, and the complete not so obvious.

I would like to be in the new O'Reily 100 Instructables. Please vote if wanting.
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Step 1: The obvious

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Games- The tip for getting games, especially for PSP, is what you think you would play over and over and over again. The replay value increases if it has online capability. My favorites games for the PSP are SOCOM: Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 2, Daxter, Ratchet and Clank size matters, Star Wars Battlefront II, Midnight club, and Either Grand Theft Autos.

Video- Having videos on your PSP really makes a difference on road trips. There are free programs on the Internet for converting videos into PSP forms, for example Orbit .

Music- Unless you have a Ipod, the PSP is also good for just listening to music.

Pictures- Showing pictures on your PSP to your friends, and you can also set it as your background.

Internet- The PSP internet is fun when you don't want to carry your laptop around. It can't support large sums flash, so no videos, no games, no porn (unless its pictures:)
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xXUsernameXx5 months ago

This is a good ible, but I have a good suggestion for you to add. To hack your PSP and have a bunch of homebrew.

xXUsernameXx5 months ago

This is a good ible, but I have a good suggestion for you to add. To hack your PSP and have a bunch of homebrew.

cooldude7867 months ago
Can you make an instructable on ps3 !
knexboy5862 years ago
and the family guy/
knexboy5862 years ago
9i got daxter
john henry2 years ago

you know how to do that but you dont know how to take actual screen shots on your computer? you know that little button on your keyboard that says print screen or prt scrn? and the paste button in paint or aany photo editing software.
srry i just find it annoying that some people dont know how to do that or rotate an image on their computer. its simple little things that people overlook.
Illest3 years ago
do u need internet
jacobdaniel3 years ago
actually the psp 2000 can hold videos from the internet
it doesnt work it says this content cant be played:(
Vincemoe3 years ago
When i try to install it says path not found!
arogers93 years ago
genious! I'll definitely try this out!:) I love my psp, with your tips I know how to get the most out of it!:)

Free TV
oye forgot tht 1
lol actually go to on your psps web browser and you can play or download the games free. theres other sites on their main site too ( but a few are kinda iffy you can get themes, vids, and flash games on there. but uf that vid downloader doesnt work. then theres another site. but i forget what it is right now. i might get back with you on that part.
What connection cord do you need? Will it download any game? Does it work for macbooks?
My PC has a MS pro duo reader so I don't need a cable; check if yours has one.
oh yeah get a good one. DON'T buy cheap one or they might break! buy one thats about $10 to $12 or just a bit lower like $8 .REMEMBER DO NOT be cheap on these!
u use a link cable just go buy it from your nearest game stores if they don't have it go to a place where people sell computers,parts and stuff they should have it. well idont know how does that USB hole looks like on a PSP. just in case bring your PSP with you.
The connection cord is simply a usb to miniusb cable,most of the time people have a few lying around And any computer that can read data from the psp will work
Thornburg (author)  Mutant raider6 years ago
When I say connection cord, I mean a USB cord that plugs into your computer.
I know that already but where do you get one for cheap $.
The connection cord is a mini usb. if u have a computer, you should have one of these laying around. If not u can get one in ANY electronics store for about 50 cents
buttersnake7 years ago
Nice and straight foward, easy to follow. Only thing is, i think you should have said on step 5 that it makes your psp "more fun" not funner. One up mate.
(removed by author or community request)
Um... "mate" is Australian.
well, it's *also* australian but we britlians say mate, too.
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i am canadian and i say mate!
i wish i said mate, but i dont have the gut :(
try some cfw m8t1 worked 4 me! ChivkenHEN is grEAT!
i really wish i could understand what you just said. sorry :( i think i see am matey in there somewhere?
I'm australian and i say mate. Oh wait?
 im aussie to gr8 instructable mate

uhm im straight up american redneck and i say mate so why dont we just all stop talkin about it and drop it, mate is something that people say all around the world not just places like australia or in the british isles or canada so just drop it people
oh sorry was kinda drunk when i typed that lol... i was saying that you should try to put on some custom firmware.. google ChickHEN... i used it on my PSP 2000 and it worked ! i recommend it!
take thenrisk mate !!!
Australians are awesome! Oh, and so is this project.
allenmt emwav5 years ago
fwjs28 sparky236 years ago
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