Step 2: Add flash games to the PSP

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How to put flash games on your PSP- You need Mozilla Firefox for this. Ok now go to your favorite flash game. Make sure it is simple, involving only the mouse and click, I picked Bowman 2. Pictures tell it all. Ok now go on Mozilla Firefox, and go to bowman2 (don't have to do this game, just easier for this), go to the File at the top left, and scroll down to where it says Save Page As... , and save it to your desktop. Connect your PSP, and make a new folder on the PSP and name it Games, go to the folder and find Shock Wave Flash Object, and copy it into your new Games folder, Rename it to something you will remember. I chose b. Now go to your internet, and type in at the address this file:/Games/b.swf It will ask you do you want to run this plugin say yes.

kinoy.imans4 months ago

I tried and succeeded on my psp, thanks for the tips, I grab the file from http://www.malikagames.com/2015/03/techno-mania-puzzle-games.html

lol actually go to psponme.com on your psps web browser and you can play or download the games free. theres other sites on their main site too (pspicy.com) but a few are kinda iffy you can get themes, vids, and flash games on there. but uf that vid downloader doesnt work. then theres another site. but i forget what it is right now. i might get back with you on that part.
What connection cord do you need? Will it download any game? Does it work for macbooks?
My PC has a MS pro duo reader so I don't need a cable; check if yours has one.
oh yeah get a good one. DON'T buy cheap one or they might break! buy one thats about $10 to $12 or just a bit lower like $8 .REMEMBER DO NOT be cheap on these!
u use a link cable just go buy it from your nearest game stores if they don't have it go to a place where people sell computers,parts and stuff they should have it. well idont know how does that USB hole looks like on a PSP. just in case bring your PSP with you.
Thornburg (author)  Mutant raider7 years ago
When I say connection cord, I mean a USB cord that plugs into your computer.
I know that already but where do you get one for cheap $.
The connection cord is a mini usb. if u have a computer, you should have one of these laying around. If not u can get one in ANY electronics store for about 50 cents
sage60004 years ago
whenever mine comes on its just a stupid add not the game
sasuke014 years ago
mine says content could not be opened wat do i do
Buzzsushi6 years ago
Guys this is really easy. after you save the file from http://www.freeworldgroup.com/games4/gameindex/bowman2.htm then go on your desktop and find the file, after go and copy the file named "game" and copy it to your PSP. then enter the file destination and save it in your bookmarks. This took me 2 minutes
yeah, how do you enter the file destination and save it in the bookmarks?
When you go into your computer you save the file somewhere, enter where you saved it as it appears on your computer into your psp
what do u mean by file destanation and in what bookmarks
NightFury135 years ago
does this work on Mac?
Toxico955 years ago
What games can i put in my PSP???
Bowman 2, Age of War, Age of War 2, and Warfare 1914 are a few I put on mine
I cant find the Shock Wave Object.
compjab5 years ago
 This is way cool! Thanks!
guys use ure brain u need custom firmware
 no u dont you dont need cfw for any of this i have psp 3002 software 6.20
and it works fine explain that
techcook5 years ago
where do u find the shock wave flash object?
Find the flash game website that you like.

On your web browser, click on page and on veiw source, then hit Ctrl+F to find swf files.

Look for them like this on google search
right-click on your mouse and save target as on google.
New Bitmap Image1.bmp
metalmarsh6 years ago
I dont have any custom firmware
metalmarsh6 years ago
getnoscoped6 years ago
what other games can you put on your PSP that are simple
why do my psp says corrupted Data do somebody knows why
So, do you go to the internet on your psp or your computer?. And where do you type in the address of the file?. im really confused here, if i can just figure that part out i should be able to get this to work.
bagikun6 years ago
WOW! My PSP is betther than I have thought! Many thanks
it says content cant be displayed???
That means that the game is too big for the psp. It only has so much space to load that whole game to play and if it does not have enough it won't work.
SadieX6 years ago
it worked, but then it didn't it asked me if i wanted to run the embeded plug-in, etc.... then it sad "content could not be displayed." everything but the game was shown. i even tried it in pop-up window version (where it shows ONLY the game) and the same thing happened. I am using firefox, I saved it as a .swf. file. I am using a Psp Slim. is that one sucky or something? Cause i also have a phat one.
shadowpig606 years ago
um... i found two shock wave objects
riccofox966 years ago
i try the link but it doesn't work. i try to press enter but it doesn't do anything. what am i doing wrong?
chiper106 years ago
it said the content could not be opened
hey how do you make the file on the computer for the psp?
Ex Marine6 years ago
is the format .SWF
nvm i got it
Do the four arrows on the left of the psp act as the arrow keys on a computer? Because I like N and it requires the arrow keys and the spacebar.
Ikotoo7 years ago
It dose not work for me. when I go to the URL you suggest it says "The Content Cannot Be Displayed." Got any suggestions. also I am running custom firmware, will that affect it?
robotix Ikotoo6 years ago
Ya mine says the same thing "the content cannot be displayed" I do not have custom firmware but i am using psp 3000. It happens with all "file:/" directories on mine
robotix robotix6 years ago
Nevermind i fixed it. i forgot the psp part file:/psp/flash
Ikotoo robotix6 years ago
Yeah I also got mine working later. Also How much better is the PSP 300 compared to the 2000?
robotix Ikotoo6 years ago
well my friend has the 2000 and he likes mine a lot better. the wlan switch is in a better place and its smaller. and the screen is a lot better \, apparently.
Ikotoo robotix6 years ago
oh thanks, I have a friend with the 1000 or phat and he like mine much better.
robotix Ikotoo6 years ago
ya. Go figure that the newer one is better lol.
psplayer237 years ago
It doesn't work on my computer could you explain it any simpler?
you probly dont have firefox
cheboncruz6 years ago
for the flash game, can the first generation psp do this?
Siebe7 years ago
Just make a folder flash in your root of the memory card and then make a folder games in your flash folder. file:/flash/games/b.swf Easy but it isnt really fast lightly put.
neluz7 years ago
if you install ipsp (iphone portal)there are all flash games included including bowman 2
drtnation7 years ago
when i downloaded it all there was waas a flash movie as the game not a flsh object
peguiono7 years ago
said couldn't show this content
when i went to the final link on my internet
a55f3d7 years ago
thanks i got it to work well
Bobert127 years ago
When i click save page as, all i ge tis an html file. No folder?
Thornburg (author)  Bobert127 years ago
Are you using Firefox.
Of coruse! lol
Thornburg (author)  Bobert127 years ago
You be surprised by people, some are clueless (no offense to you) Ok, I just did it and I got a folder and an HTML file. Try it again, it should be labeled the same thing as the HTML file.
kingdom78937 years ago
custom firmware works perfectly with anything that isnot custom firmware and does other stuff as well so that is not your problem the game probably needs too high of a flash player or you tranfered the wrong file.
bubbaman227 years ago
plan to try it out thanks :)
maroofh7 years ago
It works, but the games run realllly slowly