Picture of How to make your Rubik's Cube identifiable
When I first stared taking Rubik's cubes to friends houses, my friend and I both got confused between our two cubes. So to solve this, I added stickers and other adhesives onto my cube so I knew it was mine. This instructable should help explain how to do this.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
- Rubik's cube
- Duct tape, a colour of one of your Rubik's cube sides. You can get this from most department stores.
- Scissors
- Pen
- Ruler

Step 2: Measuring and applying duct tape

Picture of Measuring and applying duct tape
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In this instance I'm using red duct tape. Measure 1.5cm by 1.5 cm on your duct tape. This is the area of a Rubik's cubes' sticker.
Make sure it is not too big so that it goes over the cubie.
Cut this out and stick it on the matching coloured side on your Rubik's cube. 
I would then recommend writing your initials or something on your Rubik's cube so that you know it is yours.

I wrote an 'L' on mine.
zhouc13 years ago
Lucatron, Chris Zhou much? Nice instructable. Can you do a 5x5 and 4x4?
Knowing your capabilities, you should give them a go. True?
MegaMaker5 years ago
Why not write on the cube instead of a piece of tape?
the stickers are not matte, they are very smooth, and if you just wrote on the sticker, it would rub off immediately
Sharpies work.Try them.
Lucatron (author)  paperclip324 years ago
Yeah they kind of work. Mine wore off after some use and sitting in my pocket. But if it works for others then thats good too :)
bears0 Lucatron4 years ago
how in the world did you get it in your pocket? lol
Lucatron (author)  bears04 years ago
Tracksuit pants :P