In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make your Nintendo Wii run homebrew applications. Just so you know, this is my first instructable, so if i don't write some clearly don't mock it please. Have you ever wanted to play your favorite NES or SNES games on your Wii, or watch movies on your Wii? In this step-by-step guide, I will show you how to make your wii do just that. And just about anything else! Keep reading for the instructions.

Step 1: What You Need...

To do this, you will need:

-A Wii
-The latest system update (requires an internet connection)
-2 SD Cards, at least 1GB in size (I only had one SD card so i used my MicroSD from my phone as the second card.)
-A computer with internet and a SD card slot. (If you don't have one you will need to buy a memory card reader.)
-A backup of your Wii's NAND flash and a backup of ALL WII GAME DATA!!!

Now you need to remember, this does not work on ALL Wii systems. So don't get worried if it doesn't work.

Welp my wiis system files r corrupted. Was that supposed to happen?<br>
<p>do we need two SD cards? Or can all of this be done with one</p>
Does it ruin your wii? Does it work with any wii Os version (4.0, 4.1, 4.2...)?<br />
4.2, and no, it does not ruin your wii. You can still use online play, and all other wii features. Just, DO NOT UPDATE THROUGH NINTENDO!!! If you do, you'll need to reinstall the software (the homebrew channel, DVDx, etc..) Other than that, if you know what your doing, you should be fine. I can do it for you or anyone else if you don't think you can, as long as you pay shipping to ship it here (unless you live near Roanoke VA), I will do it for free.
Hi, crazydog75, I kinda need your help. Got some backup games but half couldn't play especially Super Mario Bros. I wonder if you could help me, would greatly appreciate if you could. I live in Roanoke, Va. Let me know how I could email you.......
I replied to your message, please read it and contact me, the method I mentioned will allow homebrew and backups. Just let me know,
<p>hi, i need some help. when i put the sd card in it doesnt show up</p>
<p>only 4.2? I have 4.3 is there any way I can do it?</p>
My cousin hacked my wii and it stops updates coming through.
UPDATE: If you update HBC to the newest version you can update to 4.3 without reinstalling everything
<p>works perfectly thanks, and make some more</p>
<p>my mom and I are trying to download it to my wii on the wii and it's not working,please help! (We're on the link part)</p>
<p>can you email me at cammy.hamilton@icloud.com</p>
I had a 4Gb SD Card but my wii won't read it so i'm stuck, &iquest;does it has to be a storage capability, or specific manufacturer ?
or if its locked or not
Ints no locked, nut i searched on the hackeMyWii wiki and they say it has to be 2GB or less, and that some SD with higher capability work, but some wont, one of those is the one i'm using,, so i may have to invest on another SD card.
2GB or less is recommended for installation. There isn't a specific manufacturer but you need to make sure it's formatted as FAT32 not NTFS or FAT
help!! ;oO<br><br>my 4 yr old has somehow deleted the loader channel from the menu and i cant seem to find it on sd card or homebrew! i brought it modded as not too clued up, but have attempted to find it online but so many different ones! im confused, please do you have a idiot proof guide!!<br>many thanks<br><br>vicky<br>scotland xx
Does it work with version 4.3u?
You may have to use another exploit like the Smash Stack hack or another. Unless you're still on a lower firmware, then you can use this one and update.
my wii keeps puting up Error#0004 message any idea y im still noob to this
Not sure why, I'll look into it
if i dont have 2 sd cards, could i use 1 sd card and a jump drive?
Yes, but you can only use the jump drive as your apps drive. A SD Card MUST be used to install hackmii, etc...
hey nice instructable<br /> i have a question for you<br /> i have a wii and it has a mod chip in it <br /> can i do this if the mod chip is still inside?<br /> will this damage my wii if there is a mod chip inside it when i do this<br /> thanks<br /> akinich
if its chipped you shouldnt need to soft mod it
Scratch that, the chip is used to play backups and games from other regions like UK, etc... You need to softmod, then download a disk loader from Homebrew Brower and use the backup.<br><br>*DISCLAIMER* I do NOT promote the use of illegal copies, only use backups if you have the ORIGINAL game!!!
I&nbsp;have a problem! Stuff like the homebrew browser and Gecko OS do not work. My wiimote just shuts down and the screen goes black. I have done twilight hack, then updated the wii, removing it and reinstalled it using banner bomb<br />
&nbsp;you should NOT have updated it. because now you need a newer version of bannerbomb. or a different hack. because the newest update has fixed the broken banner problem. Im working on a new Instructable with a different hack for the newest update. if you dont want to wait, look for another inst. there are plenty
Worked like a charm, thank you!&nbsp;I&nbsp;made a profile just so i could comment this. Many thanks dude, you're the man. <br />
&nbsp;You are very welcome!!!! Hope you have fun!!!

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