Picture of How to make your airsoft guns cool
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Step 1:

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You'll need
.Exacto Knife

Step 2:

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Push hard until the tape looks like the handle

Step 3:

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Cut the tape so it is only on the grip

Step 4:

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For biger guns you have ot overlap the tape

Step 5:

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hunter383 years ago
Where did u buy that camo tape at
zombiekiller42 (author)  hunter383 years ago
ibenkov3 years ago
hey what armor are you wearing
zombiekiller42 (author)  ibenkov3 years ago
its a tactical vest
cam.dav324 years ago
Sick idea, i'm trying this
zombiekiller42 (author)  cam.dav324 years ago
thx :D
zombiekiller42 (author)  militarymonster4 years ago
kve234 years ago
is the gun on the top a bb gun?
zombiekiller42 (author)  kve234 years ago
yes :D
where can i get camo ducktape
zombiekiller42 (author)  kve234 years ago
zombiekiller42 (author)  kve234 years ago
your welcome.
arb1ter4 years ago
This is great i found this earlier today and i did the handle and stock of my M4 and also did the faceplate for my 360 thanks you saved me time of painting
Was this really necessary?
bombmaker24 years ago
Did you really have to take a picture in the mirror? Im pretty sure a lot of cameras have timers nowadays.
zombiekiller42 (author)  bombmaker24 years ago
not mine.
That must be one old camera then.
zombiekiller42 (author)  bombmaker24 years ago
no just a bad one.
zombiekiller42 (author) 4 years ago