Picture of How to make your cat purr
In this Purr-fect instructable, I'll show you how too make your kitty-cat purr like a champ! Through strategic rub-down points, and hidden scratching spots, you can have your cat purring for you in no time!

For this instructable, I'll be using my cat, Oliver, as my example to show you how you can make your cat purr.

I love feedback and comments, and positive ratings are appreciated!
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Step 1: The Science of a Cat's Purr.

Picture of The Science of a Cat's Purr.
The following information has been obtained from Wikipedia. In no way do I claim ownership over this information, but I am placing it here for scientific and informational purposes.

How felines purr

Despite being a universally recognized phenomenon, the exact mechanism by which the cat purrs has been frustratingly elusive for scientists. This is partly because the cat has no obvious anatomical feature unique to it that would be responsible.

One hypothesis, backed up by electromyographic studies, is that cats produce the purring noise by fast twitching of the muscles in their larynx, which rapidly dilate and constrict the glottis, thus causing vibrations in the air both during inhalation and exhalation. Combined with the steady inhalation and exhalation of air as the cat breathes, a purring noise is produced with strong harmonics.

Why felines purr

Above all, the purr is probably the cat's way of communicating to others (cats and humans) that it is in the mood to be sociable. The purring sound is frequently made at the same time that other 'sociable' signals are made, e.g. erect tail, slightly closed "contented" eyes. People usually interpret the purring of a domestic cat as an expression of some type of positive feeling.

This information has been copied from Wikipedia, the exact source of said information can be found at this web address:


So, if you read the above information from Wikipedia, you would have learned that a cat's purr is produced through the rapid twitching of muscles in the larynx as the cat inhales and exhales. You would have also read that you can tell if a cat is in a purring mood by the way it looks. Does it's tale stand up? Are it's eyes in a half closed drowsy state?
You can also tell if a cat is ready to purr by the way it acts around you. It may weave in and out of your legs, and lean close to you as it walks by.

Now, read on for the how to on making your cat purr.
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mohamednasser.gaafer made it!16 days ago

purrr purr

TheMadCatter3 months ago
I have three adorable Russian Blues, Mistie, Dove and Ash. And this thing worked wonders on them. Seriously. By the way Dove is for sale, so if anyone is interested pls email me at
FurbyWorks1 year ago
I've got an unusually colored Tuxedo breed(three of one look one normal o the kittens, the mother looked like mine) he's white with a big black toupee like patch on his head. earlier on I look at him: he purrs. But tonight that changed.
I was on the bed watching Death Note when I heard a lot of loud mewing from the hall and my mom walked in with a KITTEN. So we brought him onto the floor and he started eating a bunch. He kept MEOWING while he was eating and It sounded like a turkey so We might name him Turkey, or Feather,since we found him as a stray and he was really light. He's sitting in my lap as I type this, He's SO CUTE ^^
(I don't need this instructable, this is our 9th cat ever. LOL)
He has a orange pumpkin like belly with leopard spots and a REALLY dark coat with a bunch of lighter stripes and circles on him. He's the funniest cat ever. He's purring and trying to sleep i think. If i sit with my legs crossed or on the edge of something, he'll just lay on my lap or in the gap in my legs just curled up patiently while I do whatever It is I'm trying to do. I've only had him for about an hour and he's already more loving then Blackspot(the white one)((PS: I think I'll just name him turkeyfeather or featherweight :D))
R u a warrior cats fan? Cuz ur future names for your kitten sound like warrior names
erin.kula3 months ago

I tried it will not work

kkarn7 months ago

Since I have a persnickety continually cranky girl kitty who one minute loves your touch and the next is trying to kill you I have learned to watch her ears as I pet her. She can only take so much and then she is done, if you continue to pet her after she is done, she will bite the sh** out of you. So I learn to watch her ears because if they are up and pointing forward I can pet her with the knowledge that my flesh will remain unripped and not bloody. If they go back and down then I know to stop before the kitty carnage begins. She is really loves to be petted but not too much. BTW she has my pit bull terrified. LOL

catlily1 year ago
Very good
My cat drools uncontrollably when I pet her. Then she shakes her head and it flies everywhere... It's pretty gross, but I pet her anyway.
Attmos1 year ago
Your cat is unusual looking, do you know his parents? His color doesn't fit his head features.
Treknology1 year ago
My cat actually initiates step 7 himself. When shaken off, he comes back for more. I think I need falconry gloves.
bmarshall81 year ago
It actually put my cat to sleep. But I am glad because he kept yawning on me and his breath stank. When he woke he was purring his head of :) At least he didn't bite me...
Wrecksness2 years ago
Good instructable. My cats didn't like it if my thumb got too deep into their ear. I just reversed the technique and put my pointer finger knuckle on the inside and gently massage the outer side with my thumb.

Stephanie has turned bathroom time into family time. When I go into the bathroom before I sit down she's there heading for her litterbox. She'll squat even if she doesn't need to do anything.
U4563 years ago
My little kitten is soooo cute! I rub his tummy and sometimes he purrs!
I don't itch my cats tail/butt because it turns him on! LOL! XDDDD nice constructive way to make your kitty purrrrrrrrr!
No really it doesn't.  It's just some sensitive nerves there that react. Don't know how to really explain it. But it doesn't, trust me.
MY CAT NAMED harry wuvs it so muwch when i pet his fuwwy lil tale
drlanator3 years ago
SarahKat5523 years ago
about the blowing air in there face i do that all the time to osc when he sleeps with me i dont want him all in my face it takes about 3 times he is a VERY tollerant cat so it takes me a wile but he does not seem to like it
SarahKat5523 years ago
no offence but your cat is halarious espesially when yowning
SarahKat5523 years ago
my cate hates his belly touched about the nudding thing my cat does that but only when i give him kisses and yes i do kiss my kitty oh and your cat looks like mine
HBomb1874 years ago
Orange kitty with a long nose looks just like my orange kitty with a long nose!! So cute!
theexpert4 years ago
i would like to add that female cats that have had kittens may get annoyed by scratching at the base of there tail and when a cat likes you in the middle of you peting them it may mean they want you to groom them aka pet them where they cant like themselfes and if a cat hissses at you during peting try puting your hand near there mouth and nose if they continue hissing and they jerk their head back they thats a sigh you should back of and leave them alone
i would do that to my cat, but she hates it when anything but food is touching her face!
lol i that's what my cat other now only cat does RIP moka my favorite cat ever may you have had a good life
fuzychiapet5 years ago
Thank you for showing me how to be a massage slave to my cat. Hopefully he will accept my offerings of love.
wow. lol
hjostrander4 years ago
uh... my neise has an orange cat named oliver too... funny but also creepy! ;)
EpicZombie4 years ago
lol like the first pic haha!
carpfluff4 years ago
"Cat's also love being scratched at the base of their tail, where tail meets butt, on the top of their back." i think all animals like that. my dog goes nuts when i scratch him there.
Screamo4 years ago
I love cats!
timothymh5 years ago
 NO! I don't like to be thought of as a grammar nazi, but lay/lie mistakes I can't bear. Please change the title of this step to "let them choose where the lie".
you mean, they lie?
 Yeah, chickens lay eggs but not cats, that's how I remember. I still can't remember the difference between bring and take though.
 LOL. ...I expect you're joking, but you never know with people these days.
 Really... you never know.
 Sad, but true. I personally know someone who thinks the past tense of "thank" is "thunk".
 No no no, "thunk" is the past tense of think! The past tense of "thank" is "whatever".
 Exactly! He's totally wrong!
Glen4745 years ago
My cat loves to rub her ears on my chin especially when it has 3 or 4 days of stubble growth.  
She is a tiny 7 pound but full grown 'American Short hair' with a coat of black rings/stripes on gray and sweet beyond description.    We share a mutual infatuation;  she follows me everywhere. 
I love her.

rathmiron5 years ago
I've read in a cat behavior book that exposing their bellies doesn't  always mean the want you to rub their bellies. iknow, because sometimes my cat jumpes up when he exposed his belly and i rubbed it.

another thing cats (my cats at least) also like to be scratched on their jaws, almost in the neck (probably because their scent glands are their and the like that their scent is being rubbed of on you)

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