Step 4: Commence rubbing.

Picture of Commence rubbing.
Once you have successfully approached your cat, with some of their favorite things, it's time to start the rubbing/scratching!

I start off by stroking Oliver from his lower neck down to his tail. Once I get to the base of his tail, I grip his tale, and gently slide my hand all the way down it to the end. Do this a couple of times, and then move on to the cats head.

After stroking your cats back, move on to scratching his head. Using four fingers, scratch the back and top of his/her head, and in the little creases where their ears meet their head. You can tell if their digging it when they flatten their ears out to the sides. If they flatten them backwards, you may be getting them annoyed, so, be careful.

My cat enjoys it a lot when I put a thumb in his ear, and grip the outside of his ear with the rest of my hand. I then gently pull all of the hair in his ear vertical. It's like you're massaging their ear, but please, do it gently.

Move on to find out about secret areas to scratch your furry amigo that they love the most!
jboppx227 years ago
i've never tried behind the ear, i'll try it but whenever i've touched his ear in the past, he would just get up and walk away