Forgive me if the pictures are not true to color. I'm not really an oompa loompa. Of course my fail-safe point-n-shoot camera crapped out on me (RIP homie), and I had to pull out the big guns. And for me, the extent of my camera knowledge ends at about "On/Off".....

I have tiny eyes.  It's always been a "thing" for me.  I don't have long or thick lashes, I don't have a double eye lid or definitive "crease", making eye makeup application tricky.    I've taken some tricks from Michelle Phan (that awesome beauty guru all over youtube) and some other basic makeup tips I have acquired over the years and decided to share what I do to make my tiny eyes pop.    Hope you find this helpful!

Step 1: The arsenal of tools

Applying makeup is just like being a painter.  You need some tools to ensure proper application.

Below I have the following for this tutorial:

eyelashes and eyelash glue
eyelid primer
finishing powder
eyelash curler
mascara (not pictured)
black and white eye liner
eyebrow pencil
a set of various brushes
circle lenses (not pictured)

I'm not particularly brand loyal, I tend to use whatever tickles my fancy, mainly items based on friends recommendations. i'll explain each product I use through this tutorial.

Thanks! I'm in China and I can't watch youtube vids, I tried to get to the Michelle Phan one on anime eye makeup and it just didn't work. Yours is the next best thing!
Hello!!!<br/>You have BEAUTIFUL eyes and you don't need makeup to get them to look good!! And they aren't small... They're cute!!! Forget the makeup and roll with ur natural beauty!
i have kinda almond shaped eyes...any suggestions?
Thanks ! great tips over here!
How is this in the Beauty section?
I have the same eyeshadow palette as you girl! :) <br>I love it so much. <br>What eye shadow primer did you use?
my all time favorite that i use religiously is by Trish McEvoy. A close second is urban decay. I think both are about the same in price.. maybe like $16 or $18, but its a great investment.
Oooh, I have never heard of Trish McEvoy. I use urban decay, I will have to try! <br>Where do you get it?
Circle lenses can cause permanent eye damage and eventual blindness. Don't wear them under any circumstance.
people are going to need proof of that. I would advide that you give the proof.
Can I make OTHER thangs look bigger with make-up?
Don't think I'd care for the lenses but I have found 2 products I really love, L'Oreal has the lash lengthening serum stuff in a blue tube, haven't tried it, even better, I think, is L'oreal's lash extender &quot;tubes&quot; it's a 2 step gig and comes in a red applicator, you brush on a white conditioner cream (your white lashes look kinda cool at this point but that's not how it works) then apply the black (or other dark color) mascara...it really makes wimpy lashes spikey and long...takes a few minutes more to apply than regular mascaras but well worth it, makes bottom lashes look full and fringey. Great stuff, and I've tried a zillion mascaras in my life....the other product is also by L'Oreal, it's a mineral powder eyeliner, (say what? powder eyeliner?!) not a pencil and not a liquid....I was skeptical at first...comes in an odd package with a slim tight angular applicator brush...can be a little messy as specks of black powder can get around on things...takes practice to apply (like any other eyeliner) but , oh boy, does it ever produce a beautiful smokey texture eyeline , not greasy like pencil, not harsh and hard looking like liquid, it's really smoldering, top and bottom, and it really lasts and lasts..be sure to apply it over a dry powder base so it doesn't get oily and smeary.
This is a very good tutorial. I will definitely give it a try. Thanks!
I cannot decide if you are cute or not.
Also cannot decide if that is a good or a bad thing.
So whats it like on your planet?
if i start a sweat shop, in Ecuador, to make circle lenses.. can i get rich?
I think you have BEAUTIFUL eyes just the way they are but I do also think it is nice to see a lady take care of her appearance &amp; I will show this to my wife. Thanks.
For disclaimer's sake, I would like to mention that circle lenses are considered illegal in the US. They can be purchased online, but most eye doctors discourage these. As they are not customized to the wearer, they can scratch the cornea and/or deprive the eyes of oxygen, and could not only irritate, but also possibly cause vision loss. Also, as they are not legal in the US, not all manufacturers abide by US health regulations. That being said, take caution when using cosmetic lenses like these and others. I, personally, wouldn't mind a pair myself. I just thought I should add this so people would be aware. :)
I am glad someone added that I was going to say it myself. So to the people thinking of wearing cosmetic lenses(As i do on a regular basis) check with your eye doctor to make sure no damage is being caused to your eyes. Nice Instructable though. I myself will never use(I'm a guy) it but it was well informed.
This is dumb. Who are these girls trying to fool &amp; impress? Guys? I don't think so. I think these girls fool themselves thinking they're beautiful
I am asian too with less than ideal lashes. You can get eyelash lengthening serum(L'oreal has this product, u can also try vasline if you have low budget). Protein helps developing and strengthen your lashes. I am way too lazy for fake lashes and a good mascara with fiber base coat will do the job.(make sure you comb your lashes before and after) I am very fond of Bobbi Brown's gel eye liner(full on water and sweat proof. I have tested it with major partying and beach outings) I would suggest applying eyeliner from the outta corner of your eyes and work your way towards the inner corner esp if you are going for the cat eye look. Pencil eye liner is alot easier to use but it's harder to draw a fine line with it. The trick is to blend the eyeliner a little bit with either a brush or cotton tips. For eye shadow, I can not have enough of smokey eye. Nothing is sexier than smokey eyes with kissable pink lip gloss. To get there, u will need black/dark grey eye shadow(beige/brown is a must have too as it will look alot more natural during the day) and one light color eyeshadow(light gold works great with a tan, pearl white works great with fair skin). Use light color on whole eyelid for highlight(also a little bit on the inner corners to make it pop more) Once it's taken care of you can start going to town with grey on crease and go darker as u get near eyeliner. Always blend your eyeshadow with a brush for a better finish. Loose power before you apply all that on your eyes will help prevent it from being a melted mess. (joker make up?!) I hope that helps. Go girls! Be pretty and stand tall and proud.
Big googly eyes!!
actually, to be a bit more helpful I have a few asian friends that say its all the rage to have the eyelid crease. There a few cheap products out there to help with this. Most of them are sticky tape as seen here. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11838 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.20587 or some do hickey to help make it more lasting. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.15212
Or you can go to the recently very popular Michele Phan instructional video that details this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHVOxhEpjp0
FDA WARNING The lenses, while not approved by the Food &amp; Drug Administration and not legally available in the U.S., can be purchased for under $20 on the Internet, which noted that a YouTube video, which has had over 9.5 million hits, provides step-by-step directions from make-up artist Michelle Phan. Because the sale of these items is illegal, there is also minimal regulation to ensure manufacturing safety. The lenses pose serious health risks and that the American Optometric Association warns that &ldquo;consumers who purchase lenses without a prescription or without consultation from an eye doctor put themselves at risk of serious bacterial infection, or even significant damage to the eye&rsquo;s ability to function, with the potential for irreversible sight loss. Corneal abrasion, infection, and blindness are risks present in contact lenses&mdash;cosmetic and prescription&mdash;that have not been fitted correctly by a healthcare professional.
SO cute with your toothy grin! Smile and show your teeth, girl! You look terrific!
Great job! I used to go to school with a girl who had 'normal' sized eyes (I guess it all depends on one's standard of beauty in eye size). One day I looked at her and her eyes were suddenly enormous! I did a double take. She had extended her eyeliner past her top lid and created a nerly veritcal cat-eye line. As I have big eyes i've never tired it myself, but the difference it made on her was astounding. The make up wasn't really noticeable unless you were looking for it, but the effect was very powerful.
Thank you for your terrific instructable. As a Caucasian woman with beady little eyes, I know how small eyes can look. Even though I think your eyes are huge and expressive, I understand wanting to try every trick to &quot;improve&quot; onesself. Please, please, check into the safety of the contact lenses before you hurt your vision with them. I'd have a very hard time trusting my eyesight to a pair of $20 contact lenses from heaven knows where. The rest of the tips are spot on, and I intend to use them whenever I have a reason to go out and look killer. Thank you again!
why should try that eyes looking more big? (lol)
Do your research first on the circle eyes. I saw these on the news the other day and they can be dangerous. I heard some have lost their vision. These are NOT approved in the USA. The other tips mentioned are great!
Yeah, I have heard similar stories....Definitely do some research. It is going onto your eyeball. I haven't worn mine for more than a couple hours, and probably won't.
You are too adorable.
<br> OMG - an Ooompa Loompa!<br> <br> WOW<br> <br> I read the book and saw the movie - and you were so cool.<br> <br> It's funny how we all seem to get sucked in by &quot;trends&quot; and the desperate idea of having to fit in no matter what.<br> <br> All the asian chicks desperately trying to get big nose and lound eyes - the lound eyes at least.<br> <br> The face pulling photos are great.<br>
Why not use one of the last two images (where we can see your eyes) as image #1?<br> <br> L<br>
thanks... i went and changed switched em around....much better. :D
<br> It's quite a dramatic effect - you show how to do it quite well.<br> <br> L<br>

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