How to Make Your Firefox Look Amazing and Cool for Free!!!





Introduction: How to Make Your Firefox Look Amazing and Cool for Free!!!

In this instructable I will show you how to give your firefox an amazing showoffy look. for free!! And using the Mozilla add ons site safe too! This is my First instructable so leave comments please MY instructable was recently featured on buzztracker and diy network!!!!

Step 1: Materials

A computer and Mozilla Firefox (you can get it here Link to Firefoxdownload )

Step 2: Small Steps First -------- Changing the Theme

Plain gray color scheme BORING!!! Bring in redshift V2! Redshift V2 is a sleek black and red color scheme for the browser you can get it Here

Step 3: Time to Stay in the Cube

Tab effects is a Beryl like program that swiches tabs with a 3D cube like animation Tab Effects is Here

Step 4: Coloring Time!!!!

Now that you have tab effects you can add color to the tabs that are open! It is a program called color tabs that can be found Here

Step 5: The Last of the Tabs---------Tab Scope

want to see what each tab looks like without opening it? Want That Vista feel for your tabs? Tab scope is there. Now as your last tab enhancement the download can be found Here

Step 6: The Need for Speed-----------Fasterfox

Is Firefox too slow for you??? Want to see the time it took to load that page???? Fasterfox is a network tweak program that improves your speed. Fasterfox also comes with a niffty little timer at the bottom toolbar that shows you the time it took to load the site. DownloadHere

Step 7: Lets Get Into Style!!!--------Stylish

now you may have noticed my glossy Google logo and expanded tool bar.If styling a site is fun for you Stylish is the way to go! I also have a black Youtube see below. With stylish you can upload styles for specific sites ' and universal styles for all web sites'!!!! Styles are postedby the Stylish community on the stylish official site. you can download it Here

Step 8: Done (or Are You)

the mozilla add-ons page is a great page to search from weather reports too hebrew calenders to virtual sticky notes!!!! Now run wild and have fun with your New Custom Firefox Browser!!!



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    look it up it really says something
    cool blue theme :)


    does it come in blue?

    i suggest areo fox:) its blue, and sleek looking:)


    i found Blue Fox. its really nice.

    IWAS TOO LAZY google it!

    I looked through it, and I noticed that I have all of these already. Yes. I am 1337. But that's not 1337 enough. Well, I guess I'm 01101101001001110101101001011001