Picture of How to make your first animation!
Hey this is my first instructble aand i will shoe you have to start animatingthe easy way. Well enjoy!

You will need:
a computer running winows or linux idk about mac
macromedia flash mx
a mouse
a keyboard
a screen
spare time

now here is what you program should look like.

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Step 1: Get the program ready

Picture of Get the program ready
stick man.PNG
Get it ready by following these steps. push the onion skin tool.
picrtue one
once you have done that you can draw your first stick man

Step 2: End

well thats about it hit f7 then there will be a faint stick man an draw him again just sligtly alterd. tell me what you think but dont be harsh the editor scares me O.O XD anyways tell me if its good an show off your animation well bye an sae me from the editor o.0
hazza295 years ago
how do i get a acount ??
Y you s s start with w w one and just k k keep going!
cotton (author)  hazza295 years ago
what you mean>
You didn't even say what program you were using.
cotton (author)  dungeon runner5 years ago