Your first real robot the easy way, learn all the basics while at it :)


Step 41: Mount the board, and hook up the motors

Picture of Mount the board, and hook up the motors

With some (more) foamy tape, stick on the board to the rest of the robot.

Make sure the mini-jack (the metal ring in one end of the board) is placed so it is easy to plug in a cable, because you will be doing that many times! And be careful to make sure that the bottom of the board does not touch any metal ;)

Hook up the motors wires, into the A&B-pins that you soldered on earlier:

One motor's 2 wires goes to A on the board, the other to B. It does not matter which goes to which, we will manage the rest in the programming.


Oops, one of my motors wires was too short, so I added little blue extensions from a scrap piece of wire that I found.