Picture of How to make your foam mattress round (or any other shape)
In this Instructable I'll show you how I made my foam mattress round from one side, and also made the support it had underneath match the mattress. I don't know how to modify a normal bed frame to match a custom mattress, my bed support comes from a construction site's lifting pallets.

My mattress is made from foam, but I suppose similarly and with a little imagination you could modify a mattress that is made from other material too.

I chose a half round shape because that fit my living room/bedroom best but as you'll see you can do any shape you like, the sky's the limit!! :)

Step 1: Materials and tools.

Picture of Materials and tools.
I include the instructions on how to modify the lifting pallets, this is of course optional. I strongly recommend some form of entertainment (laptop with films, tv, etc) during the sewing step, it's incredibly boring otherwise. With entertainment you just spend a fun afternoon.


- a foam mattress
- sewing thread to match the colour of the mattress
- lifting pallets for the bed to stand on (optional)


- scissors or small sharp knife
- marker
- big sharp knife
- (optional) knife sharpener (if your knife isn't sharp enough)
- sewing needle
- (optional) jigsaw (to modify the pallets)
- (optional) hammer, screwdriver or drill and wood screws (to modify the pallets)
- (optional) laptop or/and other entertainment (to keep you from getting incredibly bored through the sewing procedure)

gt4431b2 years ago
Have you ever tried doing something like this with an inner coil spring mattress?
ioanna (author)  gt4431b2 years ago
Actually i recently had to change my matress and i bought an inner coil spring one. I want to have the same shape so I'll have to modify this one too (i also don't want to lose the lovely bed underneath ;) )
So yes, I'll make that into an instructable too, and thanks for the motivation to actually do it, i've been postponing it :)
gt4431b ioanna2 years ago
Thanks for your reply! I ended up doing my "Harry Potter bed beneath the stairs" to fit in the odd-shaped basement room with a foam mattress after I realized that I'd never be able to flip a spring-based mattress since the shape is sort of like a lazy "L", and flipping it would no longer fit the space since it is so asymmetrical. With a memory-foam based mattress, you can't flip it, see? And now I get to take advantage of the fact.

It took a new full memory-foam mattress with a zip-style removable cover, a sharp fishing fillet knife, and a lot of playing with autocad online to get the dimensions and weird angles perfect.

This was a great instructable and really saved my bacon (and potentially my back). Thank you!
ioanna (author)  gt4431b2 years ago
Thank you that's really nice to hear :)
Could you maybe put a picture of that crazy L shaped understairs mattress job? I'm curious to see how it turned out. So you meant that you don't *have to* flip a memory foam mattress? i know nothing about those ones, i do know one definitely has to occasionally flip the spring coil ones...
UFT2 years ago
where can i get 4 inch foam bedding cheap ?
ioanna (author)  UFT2 years ago
depends where you live, every town has their cheap matress provider :P
geenahhh5 years ago
I'm going to have to do this!
ever since i saw a circle matress at IKEA i've been lusting for one.
thank your this!!!
ioanna (author)  geenahhh5 years ago
 Cool! Feel free to post result photos here :)
lemonie5 years ago
You could have gone for heart-shaped... L (great)
hey, cool! the tutorial's great! so elaborate that one might get the impression you put the same effort on it than on the actual matress job! ;) the description of the "optional" tools just made me laugh a bit, it's like saying "for this you can use a simple household watch, optional use an atom powered time bending device!" ;) btw: this site really IS awesome!