Step 6: Design the packs and merchandisers

Picture of Design the packs and merchandisers
Poo is a potentially dirty subject, so I wanted my packs to be as fun and as clinical as possible. I also wanted them to look nice and be a real gift that you would get a lot of fun and pleasure out of. I thought white corners would look good and a bright (although poo coloured) background would be perfect. I wanted the design to be completely different from Top Trumps, the leading trump card brand, because I didn't want to be in trouble for passing off (that is when you make a product that other people might mistake for another brand).

If you are selling only on the web, to individuals, then you will only need to design packs, if you intend to sell in stores, you will have to design a merchandiser, or box to hold more than one pack. Check out stores near you for the sort of thing that would be acceptable. in most cases the packs are arranged in 12s.

Most dozen boxes are square and flat with the packs arranged in three rows of four, naturally I wanted to be a little different, so I packed them in a stack. I figured that this could go next to a till or with the hanging slot, hang on a display next to other products.

Make sure you check that your Idea will fit with any standard point of sale (POS) furniture and hangers etc.