Step 6: Design the Packs and Merchandisers

Poo is a potentially dirty subject, so I wanted my packs to be as fun and as clinical as possible. I also wanted them to look nice and be a real gift that you would get a lot of fun and pleasure out of. I thought white corners would look good and a bright (although poo coloured) background would be perfect. I wanted the design to be completely different from Top Trumps, the leading trump card brand, because I didn't want to be in trouble for passing off (that is when you make a product that other people might mistake for another brand).

If you are selling only on the web, to individuals, then you will only need to design packs, if you intend to sell in stores, you will have to design a merchandiser, or box to hold more than one pack. Check out stores near you for the sort of thing that would be acceptable. in most cases the packs are arranged in 12s.

Most dozen boxes are square and flat with the packs arranged in three rows of four, naturally I wanted to be a little different, so I packed them in a stack. I figured that this could go next to a till or with the hanging slot, hang on a display next to other products.

Make sure you check that your Idea will fit with any standard point of sale (POS) furniture and hangers etc.
your a sick man.
surely you mean you're a sick man... and no not really, just a scientist with a childish sense of humour.
actually im sorry for what i said. i meant a sick idea for top trumps. childish... i dont know, im a kid right now, but i dont think about feces...
No worries. My choice to make and sell packs of cards with animal poo on them so I guess I've got take whatever comes my way on the chin!
Can't believe I only just saw this. We should have gotten you involved in the instructables top trumps! (It's not too late if you can think of anything to do to help out)<br /> <br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/Instructables-Top-Trumps/<br />
&nbsp;what a sick and weird idea for top trumps. couldnt think of anything better, or do you just love feces?
what's sick about it. Kids are fascinated about it. For me it was just building on an idea to sell a different and innovative product in a genre where everyone thought that it had all been done. In the first place it sold (firebox.com) it was their best selling product at Christmas, so clearly there's lots of people who find it a bit of fun, quite scientific and a tiny bit reactionary... all good things, but I agree not everyone's cup of tea.<br />
The chances of winning the lottery (excluding the bonus ball) is 1 in 40,000,000 The chances of dying on the spot in the next hour add up to 1 in 9,000,000 So the funny thing is that if you were holding your lottery ticket in front of the TV 1 hour before the numbers were drawn you would be more likely to die before the results rather than have the winning numbers!
I went on website I think it's very groovy but do you think konami would publish a card game,and konami is the company tht makes yu-gi-oh cards
What program did you use to design the cards?
I designed them initially in Macromedia Freehand, which is a similar programme to Adobe Illustrator, but that was only for the basic type, the bulk of the design was done in Adobe Photoshop. In reality it would have been batter to have done it all in Illustrator.
a nice picture, i like it
ooohhh... it's pooo!!
to quote chris from family guy: "brown is the colour of poo!"
Hello, cool idea! May I ask what company you used to creating the cards, or rather if there IS a company specializing in making card games or if you just used any print shop? Thanks, /Kristian
yo i wus reading ur thingy and i got a great idea myself ...since i live in ireland and good skateboards are hard 2 come by and you cant get a board that suits ur style im makin my own boards at less dan 1/2 da price jus mail me the wooden bit and a picture ov the design you want and itl be made in less dan a week
sounds like the beginning of a great business. All you need now is a funky sounding web address and a cool website and you'll be away.
This seems like something an adolescent or immature teenager would come up with not an adult. I like it! (too bad I'm not allowed to buy stuff off the web) : (
You're never to old to have a bit of fun... You'll just have to put it on your Christmas list.
I could, or I could put something else (ie, PS3, X-box 360) ha!
Yes absolutely I go with that, but then I didn't say Plop Trumps should be the ONLY thing on your list to santa
Have you ever seen a cassowary poo? Endangered North Queensland bird that is vector to many rainforst trees. Fast digestive system....awesome results.
take me a really nice picture of it and I'll include it in the next product that I do, which you never know, could be Plop Trumps Number 2s ... if you know what I mean!
Could do Plop 2 as an add in. Can be a complete game in itself, or can be shuffled in with plop trump original for a doubly fun game of poo identifying, lol.
If you would like to preview cassowary poo...go to www.austrop.org.au/archives/regen2004.html or Google up cassowary poo and its under Austrop about five items down. It actually looks better on the road so will have to try and get a snap of some there. Regards, Dale
I see what you mean, that is one evil looking poo, perfect... :-p if you are able to get a good defined picture then great. BUT be careful taking pictures on the road!
Will do..have to warn you that some items such as Quandong seeds are incompletely digested but this adds to the rich fabric of texture. Hope the neighbours aren't watching while I photograph. Cassowary
Top stuff, that would be brilliant, nice and sharp now... and yes I got some very funny looks. When when questioned, all I said was, well I am doing this piece for National Geographic Kids and that shuts up most people! My partner's neighbours asked her if I was a wildlife photographer because they saw me crouching down in the field taking pictures, of, as they told her, "a vole or something..." as if? She said no he's just taking pictures of rat poo for a pack of cards he's designing. There's not much you can say to that either!
Thats a cool idea and takes a lot of courage. With cards you can also bet with your friends..haha take a look at this..really cool bet<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-win-a-wine-glass-bet">Win a wine glass bet</a>Win a wine glass bet<br/>
Excellent idea, thanks for passing it on.<br/><br/>One question, though.<br/><br/>What are <em>blagging</em> skills? lol<br/>
Blag is British or more probably London / cockney slang for conning or scamming, although in common usage it implies a less aggressive approach than either of those. If you've seen any Guy Richie British mobster films a blag is usually a robbery. If you like that sort of thing then I recommend "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and the much better acted (but not so critically acclaimed), and very funny "Snatch" which by its very name would be a blag.
Cool. Nice to learn something new. I had a friend who studied cockney for a character he played in our theater troope. He never used that term though. Thanks for the honest answer. I actually thought it was a typo for blog, as I know some folks have used blogs as means to spreadthe word about themselves or their product/ideas.
I'm not a true cockney (a true cockney has to be born within the sound of the Bow Bells (East London) but I was born in East London and lived there for a bit, so I know a little bit of the slang. Due to that and media generally I guess some words and phrases have just moved into common parlance. I went to see the new Guy Richie film Rocknrolla, and I must say, once you get over the moderate violence, the film was very funny and about as East End as it gets. I love language and its flexibility for various needs. Every country has it but I guess cockney (the real variety, not the Mary Popins kind) is the closest thing us Brits have to a no messing subculture nostalgia trip.
I didn't figure you were, by the way you referred to it. But I still appreciate the ethnic knowledge. Always like to learn things about other people and their cultures/beliefs. It makes the world seem more real to me. Even if it is just a bit of slang. lol
What a brilliant idea. My two boys like the Top Trumps games, but this novel twist will give them that extra bit of kudos. Poo is always fascinating! (Pack on order.)
Thx, it'll be in the post first thing tomorrow morning
. . . and safely received. Many thanks - the boys love it.<br/>How about a *SUPER DELUXE* version with a scratch 'n' sniff feature ;&not;) <br/>
Yes, could be done. If it is sucessful I might certainly consider Plop Trumps No. 2s ... don't laugh, I mean it. Glad you got them safe and sound.
BRILLIANT! I've gone straight to your site and ordered a pack. Wish I'd thought of it! :)
thx, hope you like them, everyone I show them to thinks they are really fun, so you should be ok.
Have you ever heard of the german saying "aus Scheiße Gold machen"? It means "turning poo (s***) into gold (money)", which is quite exactly what you did. Amazing!
Thx, I have never heard the German version, but that makes sense, we have a similar saying in the UK which goes something like... "Where there's muck there's brass" which is typically a northern England saying, hence the use of the word brass for money.
You are the best, Kaptin! Not sure if my girls would like this or not. They are really into animals, but poo might be a bit much. They would either be totally grossed out or they would laugh so hard they'd pee their pants. However, that is not the point. Nice instructable on getting a product to market. Getting ready for the new Harry Potter movie? Only a few months away. -David
Thx, nice of you to say. But i think as far as the HP movie is concerned, you'll have to wait till next year. I had heard that it is being put off till next summer to maximise box office take... as if they need to.
interesting idea how many have sold :O?
in the first two weeks since the PR broke, enough to cover half my costs, but I am hoping to sell a load more in the run up to Christmas and I have been told that a TV programme is interested, which should boost sales.
oh very nice ;)

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