How to Make Your Goldfish Thrive @ Home





Introduction: How to Make Your Goldfish Thrive @ Home

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The goldfish bowl is an outdated fish torture device. Learn how to care for these fish properly.

Step 1: Tank Size

For (long bodied) common/comet/shubunkin goldfish you will need 200 litres (50 gallons) for the first one and 80 litres (20 gallons) for each additional.

For fancy goldfish (fantails,pearlscale,celestial etc) you should have 80 litres (20 gallons) for the first one and 40 litres (10 gallons) for each additional.

Long bodied goldfish and celestials should be kept in a species only tank.

Step 2: Filteration

Like all fish goldfish need filtration.

You should buy a filter capable of filtering the tank water 10 times an hour.

So buy the most powerful filter you can afford.

You will also need to cycle the aquarium
This can take up to 4 weeks.

Step 3: Feeding

A goldfish has a stomach about the size of its eye.

I would feed a small goldfish the amount it can consume in 2 minutes every day
and a large goldfish a larder amount daily.

Choose a goldfish food containing low amounts of flours and wheats and higher amounts of vegetation and meat such as worms and shrimp.

Step 4: Maintenance

# Do 25% water changes weekly using a siphon.

# Always use water dechlorinator. This removes the chlorine and chloramines. from the water.

# Add a little aquarium salt to help fight infection about 1 tsp per 20 litres (5 gallons).

# Wash out the filter cartridge in old tank water monthly. Do not rinse the cartridge so much that all the bacteria comes out of it, or you will have a re-cycle and your fish will die. Just rinse the cartridge a little so water flow is normal.

Step 5: Adding the Goldfish

Only add one fish a week so the filter can handle the bio load.

1. Float the bag the fish is in for 15 minutes.

2. Add 1 cup of your cycled aquarium water to the bag.

3. Wait 10 minutes.

4. Gently net the fish into the aquarium and discard the bag water.

Step 6: The End

Please comment, question and make suggestions so i can improve on my instructable.



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    35 Discussions

    My goldfish charlie and Jack will probably love it.

    yay thanks alot i have 1 black moor and organda and they are very happy!

    I'm getting some fish tomorrow, now im thinking bout some goldfish instead of tropicals lol.

    Thanx!  I'm a new goldfish owner.  I have four beautiful, happy fat-belly goldfish.  I also have algae that makes my tank look dirty.  :(  Any suggestions on that, or should I just scrub it off at water change and quit my gripin'?
    6 replies

    You might want to add Chinese Algae Eater fish to the tank one of the few cold water  algae eaters.
    I found these in a fish Shop in Lower Hutt,  Wellington, New Zealand, it has been verry good cleaning the algae my tank. But dont know about other parts of the world.


    Every time i get an algae eater it just sits there and does nothing. i dont know why lol.

    Thank you!  I ended up getting a  clown plecostamus, and he is doing a pretty good job on my algae. 

    Cool, Now I should get another tank. just looked at at it and it looks like it would suit my tank better than my Chinese Algae Eater.  Thank you

    No problem!   I have to tell you, though, you might not see much of your clown plecostamus!  Mine is SO shy.  He hides in a hole in my texas holey rock all day.  But, like I said, at night he does his job with the algae. :)  

    My tends to hide as well but. he gets use to you in the room and starts cleaning away again.

    about 6 years ago my sister got 4, 12-cent, feeder goldfish 3 died due to diseases and the last one is over 8 inches in length and is very picky about what he eats not mealworms but lots of crumbles and skeeter larva and he has a rubber duck named Spike to keep him from riping up the tank

    the fish on the picture is sick D: it has cancer my fish swolowed too and died D: the owner of the fish store says it was cancer

    2 replies

    i love how your fighting against goldfish abusement (even though i may have used feeder goldfish before...) and a full grown fish can go a week without eating just rember they are cold-blooded oh and being a cold water cypinid they need more space then tropical fish and they are very...messy

    I've been in the hobby of fish-keeping for four years now. When it comes to tank size requirements for goldfish, I've always followed the rule that applies to all goldfish species. One goldfish requires a minimum 30-gallon tank. Each additional goldfish added to the same tank increases the need for space by an additional 10-gallons.

    1 reply

     i do agree that it is good to have plenty of space..but i am 23 and have had goldfish since i was 6. by the time i was 15 i got into aquariums alot more. and by providing 5 gallons per goldfish it worx out till they are an adult. 5 gallons is plenty of room for a small goldfish. they grow quickly and even more quickly if you can afford to give them more room. you dont need a huge tank just for one goldfish however if you want to see it grow quick then go for it. i now make it a hobby to grow all kinds of fresh water fish.. especially goldfish and i keep most of mine in 55 gallon drums. but just having space isnt enough. you need to maintain their habitat. and you can find plenty of good ways on the net. so good luck with your tanks.

    Not strictly true. A goldfish has no stomach.

    The food simply passes along its intestinal tract and what is not absorbed falls out.

    So if you over feed your goldfish, you get masses of solid looking poo strings.
    And as this hasn't had all the protein removed, it really pollutes the tank!

    Most commercial goldfish food is designed for small young goldfish which do need a little higher than normal amounts of protein.

    But once the fish is over say 3" in length, switch to a very low protein food like peas, etc. with animal protein fed only occasionally.

    2 replies

    If you read the page you refer more fully it also says on that page

    "Fancy goldfish don't have a stomach like ours, it's more like an enlarged continuation of the intestine. "

    or if you like a second opinion:

    "food moves down through the esophagus to what would be the stomach if they had a stomach (which they don't). Muscles in the esophagus squeeze excess water out of the food. The goldfish intestional tract is a long tube."


    "Goldfish differ from most tropical fish in that they lack a stomach, so they will produce more feces and wastes when an excessive amount of food is offered. Thus it is essential to feed them the proper amount of food and to regularly"


    "Most unusual of all - even among fish - they have no stomach. "

    I suppose some unknowing people call it a stomach because that's where the food goes first so surely it must be called the 'stomach'. :-)

    Technically the first area after the esophagus (think throat) is called the "anterior intestinal bulb" in Goldfish. It's just gut. Not a stomach at all.

    Koi are the same as are quite a few other fish.

    With a goldfish, if you put in too much food, you get out food purée ;-)))