If your are like me which I am guessing you are, then ever since you got into doing stuff with arduino you have wanted to make your own arduino board. You may be surprised to find out that making the prototyping board is actually very easy, and can have several advantages over using the commercially sold board. For one thing, All the components together cost a little over 15 US dollars as opposed to the $30 that the Uno board sells for. second, you may not actually want a board, but may simply want the atmega chip as the heart of the project, like if you are making a synthesizer or even a robot. In that case, you can just attach the  hardware necessary to use the chip, and solder to the pins you need to use without needing the board. Another advantage is making shields. You have probably noticed that digital pins 7 and 8 are not the standard distance apart, which makes it difficult to make your own custom shields without paying the $15 dollars for a protoshield every time you make one. But if you make your own board on perfboard, the headers will be the standard distance apart and you can make your own shields with ease. Also, you may need to permanently add the board to your project, and for that you may not want to use the more expensive arduino boards. This board however is half the price, and easy to add to custom projects.

The only down side is that some parts of the arduino are kind of hard to build on perfboard. Most notably the Serial to usb adapter chip, which allows the microcontroller to interface with the computer through usb. You could use a good old RS232 jack, but they are not on a lot of newer computers. So to program your homemade board you will either need a break out board which does have the chip (get one here:, or an arduino Uno or clone board to program the chip ( I used the former.)

Either way it is a fun and informative project.
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enxp20 days ago


I didn't test this homemade solution yet but i guess it has the same HW settings and

characteristics like the original arduino board. If so, then tell me, would it be possible to use your board for purposes like this:

?. Thank you in advance !

robobot31121 month ago

could i mix a deumilanove's chip in that way with the uno's. i mean like chip exchange.

Higgs Boson (author)  robobot311227 days ago

I don't see why not.

it would not get damaged would it?

dharm71 month ago
where is the usb plug port in the homemade circuit board , how to imply digital i/o pins ? how to connect the rx and tx ? can we program parallely to the board kindly reply to this question
Higgs Boson (author)  dharm727 days ago

For a USB connection you can plug an FTDI breakout board to the programming header and program it normally from the arduino IDE.

bwills41 month ago

Potentially stupid question from a newbie...what do I need to connect the breakout board to the arduino, and then to my pc?

Higgs Boson (author)  bwills427 days ago

The breakout board and a USB cable.

I use a crystal oscillator 27 MHS?

Higgs Boson (author)  ualbuquerque27 days ago

I think 16MHz is the maximum clock speed. Unless you wanted to overclock it...

lucianorueda2 months ago

Hi! great project! thanks!
Do you know anything about RC brusless motors?
How would you modify the circuit so you could use the arduino as an ESC (electronic speed controler) of a brushless motor?

I get lost when I try to handle the volts and amps hight velues that you have to handle with RC motors... (middle/big ones like 90A 24V)
I would like to build that arduino board!

Any thoughts?

Anyway, thaks!!! I will start with this and see next anyways!

Higgs Boson (author)  lucianorueda2 months ago

Hope this helps:

hey!, thanks for the link!, but unfortunately the conslution of it is not good for me!... it looks that my motor is too big, so I should use an ESC, I was trying to make and esc with the arduino, but it looks that I cant... at least with the motor that I am trying to use...

djsamm882 months ago

Send me the schematic to the circuit at my email PLEASE...

biraj10022 months ago
Send me the diagrams of arduino board at my email--
tnagchandi5 months ago
I really love the idea of making an arduino of our own.... thanx for such a nice explaination.
Can you please tell me that whether it can be used for bluetooth connectivity as for my project i need it.
Higgs Boson (author)  tnagchandi2 months ago

I believe I have seen people use arduino with bluetooth, so it is likely.

oghenevwogaga3 months ago
hi I am pretty amazed at this project, and will like to build my own, could you please send me the schematic to the circuit. ( thank you.
chan20054 months ago

you built this on my birthday

ra944 months ago

hi . does anyone here have pcb of this arduino ?

if have please send to me tnx .

ra94 ra944 months ago

or schematic

Abirboy4 months ago

super i like it

mauro89285 months ago

Hi! I'm pretty amazed with this project and wanna try to do my own homemade Arduino board, so I'll really appreciate if you could please send me the schematic circuit to my email Thanks a lot!

syedj941 year ago
For those who are going with the breakout board or the Serial to USB converter chip, here is a cheap option:
Its only a dollar with free shipping... reliable seller. But Its from China so It will take longer to ship
abrogard syedj946 months ago

I just went to eBay and these are listed at $51 ??

Thanks for the tip on the Serial to USB converter chip. I ordered 6 of them.
How do you program it without a connection to the computer or a set amount of storage
jmooney11 year ago
Arduinos for stupid people
mrinc jmooney17 months ago
Arduino is a rapid prototyping board that has made its way in to development.

So instead of wasting tons of time trying to develop custom things with pic programmers, you can create what you want fairly quickly.

You can then move your project to a programmable pic and custom project.

But most people seem to be using them in end projects too.
matronom jmooney18 months ago
no arduino is for people who wants program projects easier and faster, pic is hard to program and it takes away all the fun doing it
bashbash01 year ago
Hey mate, thanks for great work you did but i was wondering what software you are using to make the circuit as long as proteus not having all components
vasusrinu1 year ago
Hi,this is awsome. please send me the circuit diagram to my e-mail id
send me the circuit diagram as early as possible...i made it but it is not working
Ja3.14161 year ago
I want to make an arduino bike speedometer ( ) can i use this diy board???
jasshopper1 year ago
What if you don't have an arduino board to program it, any other ways?(i'm completely new to this so...)
Higgs Boson (author)  jasshopper1 year ago
FTDI breakout board connecting to the headers.
any way to make that? coz when i searched the web for it in india it costs more than my budget, so if yes any schematic or a site where i could get started?
Higgs Boson (author)  jasshopper1 year ago
There are schematics on, but you'll have to disregard some of the things regarding the USB serial converter chip. Just focus on the connections vital to the ATmega328 (power, ground, clock, and of course the I/o pins). I should hopefully have a schematic upo soon, but I have been kind of busy with school lately.
I found a schematic pls check if it would work or not, and is there any thing special about the 4 LEDS (TX LED & RX LED...) in the schematic or would any leds work in its place? also what is that 'XB24 AUI 001', is it necessary?
ftdi breakuot.png
Higgs Boson (author)  jasshopper1 year ago
You should be able to exclude the XB. interesting that you found a schematic including one though. Keep in mind though that the FT232R is only SMD, so it will be difficult, but not impossible, to solder (especially with perfboard). Good luck!
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