Step 12: Programming with the arduino uno

Picture of Programming with the arduino uno
To program the chip with the uno board, I simply pried the chip on the arduino board off, and replaced it with the new chip. I then uploaded whatever sketch I wanted to use the same way you would any other. Once program I pried it out again and placed it in the new arduino board. 

Anything you can do with the arduino (except serial read, and other things that require constant interface with the computer) can be done on the Homemade arduino in this way.
dharm71 year ago
where is the usb plug port in the homemade circuit board , how to imply digital i/o pins ? how to connect the rx and tx ? can we program parallely to the board kindly reply to this question
ra941 year ago

hi . does anyone here have pcb of this arduino ?

if have please send to me tnx .


ra94 ra941 year ago

or schematic

vasusrinu2 years ago
Hi,this is awsome. please send me the circuit diagram to my e-mail id
send me the circuit diagram as early as possible...i made it but it is not working
Ja3.14162 years ago
I want to make an arduino bike speedometer ( http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Bike-Speedometer/?ALLSTEPS ) can i use this diy board???
streetjerk2 years ago
kindly check the image attached . .. are the pins 7,8,20,22 proper ? is there a necessity for capacitor ? in the main site of arduino there's a mention of using a low pass filter . . . cnt undstand why.

Also do have a check at the voltage regulator ckt with the 3 capacitors.
streetjerk2 years ago
and another question is that can i proceed with the project with an ATmega8 chip ? i have an arduino with atmega8 mounted on it. what i want is just reciprocate the basic board so that it looks handmade.
Higgs Boson (author)  streetjerk2 years ago
You could certainly try. It is pretty similar to the 328, but you may need to change some of your selections on the IDE to get it to work with the chip.
streetjerk2 years ago
making a line follower with sensors detecting black/white surface and processing the analogue input is serial reading right ? Can i use your setup and process to make a line follower ? I have an arduino based line follower bt i want to make a line follower which wont be termed using a "pre-assembled development board".
Higgs Boson (author)  streetjerk2 years ago
Yes you can. And in fact I made one with an actual arduino board in another instructable which I am still making improvements to.
jbromley3 years ago
If you are using the USB breakout you mention, there is no reason you cannot use the serial library. I use homemade Arduinos and have no trouble communicating with the board using the USB breakout and Minicom. After all, the USB breakout connects to the Atmega serial TX/RX pins.
Higgs Boson (author)  jbromley3 years ago
Yeah I kind of forgot about that when writing this step.